How to Speed Up Apple Watch Running watchOS 7 or Later

Are you running the latest watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch.? Do you face a lagging issue in its performance.? Then, in this guide, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks to speed up your Apple Watch’s performance. You may feel that the execution of some actions is delaying on the wearable. There can be many reasons for Apple Watch slowing down on its efficiency. A major one is not updating your smartwatch to the latest operating system. Even not updating the regular apps you use can cause bugs that will make your Apple Watch go dull.

Often users open several apps but do not use them. That consumes resources and memory which eventually slows down the watch. Another culprit for your slow performing Apple Watch is background refresh which is mostly left enabled. We know that Apple Watch is super interactive and intuitive. So, if you keep the motion enabled that may consume the juice of the smartwatch. Let’s see what we can do to speed up your Apple Watch running on watchOS 7.

speed up Apple Watch performance

How to Speed Up Apple Watch Running watchOS 7 or Later

The tricks I have mentioned here are pretty common and easy to perform.

Try Restarting your Watch

Sometimes a simple restart will fix a lot of minor software glitches and make the gadget run smoothly. You can try the same with your Apple Watch. To make this troubleshooting more effective first force close all the active apps on your watch and then restart it.

To force stop the apps,

  • Tap on the Apple Watch side button
  • It will open the app cards which you can use to switch between the apps
  • To close any app, simply swipe left

Now to restart the Apple Watch,

  • Press the side button
  • When the power off option shows up drag the slider to confirm
  • Leave it for a couple of seconds and press the button on the bezel to reboot

Disable the Background App Refresh Option

When you disable this option, your Apple watch will speed up and perform faster.

  • Open the Settings on your watch
  • Navigate to General and then to Background App Refresh
  • Tap on the switch to disable the feature

Update the Apps on Your Apple Watch

As I mentioned earlier, not updating your apps that you use may cause technical snags and contribute to lowering down the efficient performance of your Apple Watch.

To update the apps,

  • On your Apple Watch open the App Store
  • Navigate to Account > tap on Updates
  • Set to update all the apps at one time

Install the Latest watchOS Build

Apple is popular for releasing software update patches now and then for all of its gadgets. Normally, I have noticed that people forget to install these updates which are important to fix certain bugs or the performance of any system feature. So, you need to install the latest available update for your watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch to speed it up.

  • Launch the Settings app on your Apple watch
  • Go to General and then go to Software Update
  • The watch will show the latest build that is available for download
  • Download and install using WiFi to make the update process faster

Enable Reduce Motion to Limit the Animations on Your Watch

Limit the animations and effects in an Apple Watch will help it conserve resources. Then it will speed up and execute the tasks swiftly.

  • In the Settings app of your Apple Watch go to Accessibility
  • Then under that enable the switch beside the option Reduce Motion

Hard Reset your Apple Watch to Speed it Up

One of the last solutions you can try to speed up your Apple smartwatch is by performing a hard reset. If other troubleshooting tips did not work, then do try this out.

  • All you have to do is long-press the digital crown and the button on the side bezel at the same time
  • The display of the Apple Watch will turn black
  • Wait till the Apple logo shows up that means it is rebooting
  • Then use it for some time and check if the wearable from Apple is still slowing down

So, these are some of the simple tips and tricks to speed up the performance of your Apple Watch running on the watchOS 7. Try it out and let me know in the comments section.

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