Fix: Steam Deck Not Working After Update

Gamers can play all types of games online & offline with Steam, a favorite Cloud-based gaming library. Additionally, users can purchase and download any games available for PC with their Steam account. Also, it has one of the biggest libraries of games under one roof that enhances the gaming experience and offers many features without using system memory. Moreover, Steam recently launched a dedicated mini-gaming console with a gamepad.

Steam Deck is based on SteamOS, running in the Linux operating system, the fastest and most user-friendly interface. Amazon Prime and Netflix offer gaming sections for Smart TVs and mobile devices; it is not a new tool. But soon after the launch of Steam Deck, the users started reporting various issues like the camera is not working, lagging issues, curser issues, and many more.

The problem occurs after the latest firmware update on the device. Here is the guide to fixing the Steam deck not working after the update. Apply the below methods one by one to resolve the issues.

Fix Steam Deck Not Working After Update

Fix: Steam Deck Not Working After Update

Firmware updates are usually released to improve system performance and fix previous bugs, but the latest OS update in Steam Deck is trending due to some big issues in system tools and performance. But some of the improvements alongside is Cyberpunk 2077 are now officially supporting the Steam Deck and many more. Moreover, if you are also facing issues with the Steam deck, this guide may help you fix the problem below troubleshooting.

Restart Steam Deck

One of the primary steps to fix all bugs is to restart the device, which applies to Steam Deck. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to restart the device. Once restarted, wait till it optimizes all the apps, then check if the issues are resolved.

Change the Display Settings

The next reason behind the lagging of the Steam Deck is the display refresh rate. It supports a 60 Hz refresh rate, but some of the games are not supporting the high refresh rate. To fix the issue, we need to change the refresh rate to 30 Hz and check if the lagging problem occurs in your device.

Rollback to Previous Firmware

After the latest update, the Steam Deck users face many issues with their device and if the above methods are not working properly, then roll back to the previous firmware. Moreover, you may reinstall the latest update as sometimes the system files get corrupted, and reinstalling the firmware fixes all types of bugs in the Steam deck

  • Go to the Steam support page and download the recovery image to create a backup and connect the Steam deck through the USB port.

  • Now restart the Steam Deck, open the boot menu, and roll back to the previous update.

  • After that, restart the device till you are on the home screen (it will take a few minutes).


Here are some methods to fix the Steam deck not working after the update. We hope by applying the above techniques, the issue will be resolved, and if not, we recommend you create a ticket on Steam Support for further assistance.

Also, if you have any alternative method to fix the issue, let us know in the comment box we like to add to our guide and for more tech-related blogs, visit our homepage.

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