Microsoft Teams Cannot Add Guest: How to Fix?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative project tool, where employees and project managers can work together to accomplish many tasks. In the new era of work from home, many companies have switched to Microsoft teams for doing collaborative works. But in some scenarios, projects managers or other ten members are now able to add guest users to the portal. The problem shows an error message, cannot add a guest account, and users do not know how to fix or address the issue. The “cannot add a guest user in Microsoft Teams” issue arises because the user does not have sufficient permissions. So in case, this error happens to you, then the easiest way is to check your permission.

Normally, the project manager to the head has all the permissions, but he/she may give permissions to add new guest users to all other members as well. In such a scenario, you will not see the cannot add a guest user error message. However, if you still do so, then we have a couple of troubleshooting steps to fix your problem. After going through each of them, the guest user problem will be fixed, and you can add more guest users as per your requirement.

Microsoft Teams Cannot Add Guest: How to Fix?

What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based enterprise-level platform. It is a comprehensive tool designed to provide a workplace environment for individuals and businesses, by functions as ducked up storage, video meetings, editing options, and its integration with Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s feature “advanced security control” lets you enjoy the control that covers data loss, information barriers, retention policies, and more. This feature allows you to customize your teams to be private or publicly available for users who have Microsoft 365 accounts.

Also, Microsoft Teams comes with this option to bookmark pieces of content like files, attachments, and important messages, so a user can spend less time finding essential data. Bookmarking helps you to save time, and you can cut through irrelevant data and find the data you need.

Benefits of adding Guest in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the most simple and versatile platform for video conferencing, chatting, and collaboration application that is out there. However, there is an addition of one more significant feature in Microsoft Teams. The feature of adding guests in Microsoft Teams is truly a major step because now third-party users can also join and collaborate in Microsoft Teams. Though Microsoft Teams has enabled guest accounts it has also beefed up its security. Some of the benefits of using a guest account are that you can revoke access, view, and even edit the documents if the administrator gives you the access. Moreover using a guest account in Microsoft Teams you can also join Teams Meetings, Chats, and live events.

Microsoft Teams cannot add guests: How to Fix?

If you are having trouble using the guest feature in Microsoft Teams the read the following solutions mentioned below to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Turning on and off Guest access in Microsoft Teams

Step 1)  Firstly, Sign in to your Microsoft Teams as an Administrator and click on the Org wide Settings.

Step 2) Click on the Guest access option and toggle the opinion Allow guest access in Microsoft Teams to turn on guest access, turn off again then turn it on.

Step 3) Now, you can toggle the Calling, Messaging and Meeting options on and off. Click on the Save button to configure the settings, then try to add a guest account and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 2:  Using PowerShell Turn on and off the Guest Access

Step 1) Before starting to use PowerShell for training access to the guest account, you must download some important modules to be able to do so. Click here and download the Skype for Bussiness Online module.

Step 2) Open up your PowerShell and type the following command to connect a PowerShell session to the Skype for Bussiness Online module.

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
$Cred = Get-Credential
$CSSession = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $Cred
Import-PSSession -Session $CSSession

Step 3)  Type Get-CsTeamsClientConfiguration press enter in the PowerShell, the following similar result will show up.

Identity: Global
AllowEmailIntoChannel : True
RestrictedSenderList :
AllowDropBox : True
AllowBox: True
AllowGoogleDrive: True
AllowShareFile : True
AllowOrganizationTab : True
AllowSkypeBusinessInterop : True
ContentPin: RequiredOutsideScheduleMeeting
AllowResourceAccountSendMessage : True
ResourceAccountContentAccess : NoAccess
AllowGuestUser: True
AllowScopedPeopleSearchandAccess : False

Step 4)Now, check the AllowGuestUser value if it is false then it means it is turned off, or if it is true then the guest access is on.  Type the following command to turn on and off the Guest access in Microsoft Teams.

Set-CsTeamsClientConfiguration -AllowGuestUser $True -Identity Global

Note: Turn the $true value to $false if it is turned on by default then turn it on again using the same command. This should fix your issue.

Solution 3: Checking your Internet Connection and the Server.

If you have tried the above solution and still the issue is not fixed then the least thing you can do is that you can check your Internet connection, check the speed and bandwidth if it is too low and unstable then it is very possible it is causing the issue.

Go to the official Microsoft server analyzer website and check the servers because sometimes due to internet traffic servers are slow, this might cause the issue.

Solution 4: Checking for Update

Generally, Microsoft Teams updates automatically, but you can manually check for updates. If you use other platforms then windows, then checkout Update Microsoft Teams – Both Desktop and Mobile section.

Step 1) Click on the User icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2) On the drop-down menu click on the Check for updates option.

Microsoft Teams Cannot Add Guest: How to Fix?

Step 3) If there is an update it will download and install automatically, the message will be shown at the top of the screen in the message bar.


We hope the issue of Microsoft Teams can not add new Guest user issue is resolved not. Make sure you have sufficient user privileges to add a new guest account. Otherwise, follow our Microsoft Teams troubleshooting guide to fix the problem on your end. In case your not able to follow the steps or facing any other difficulties, let us know in the comments section below. Our technical team will be happy to assist you.

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