Fix: TikTok Profile Picture (PFP) Not Changing or Showing

In this article, let us discuss one of the common issues faced by TikTok users. There has been an issue with the Tiktok Profile picture (PFP); the users cannot change the profile picture, or sometimes it’s not even showing. This is not an individual issue and is already faced by many users worldwide.

Tiktok is one of the most used social media and currently has over 50 million active users. The social media app has surpassed Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in daily active users. Currently, there is an issue in the app which is so annoying. Sometimes the Default profile pic is shown, or no Profile Pic is shown. We can fix these types of issues with some tweaks provided below.

Fix TikTok Profile Picture (PFP) Not Changing or Showing

Fix: TikTok Profile Picture (PFP) Not Changing or Showing

Sometimes due to server issues or bad internet, users are not able to change their profile. The same has happened with me many times, and below are some troubleshooting methods to help you fix the same.

Method 1: Check Tiktok Server Status

The profile pic issue might be because of some server-side issue from TikTok. Check if the TikTok servers are up and running from here.

If the server is not responding or is down, wait for a while and check back again. Due to high active users, the servers might undergo a heavy load.

Method 2: Restart the Tiktok App

This is one common fix that might fix the Profile Pic error. Restart your Tiktok App will end the current session and create a new one. So, try this fix and check if the glitch is solved.

Don’t close and open the app; remove it from the recent apps. Only removing it from recent apps will create a new session. Otherwise, the same session continues.

Method 3: Check your Internet Connection

The error might be because of your internet connection; why take a chance even though this is rarely possible? Test your internet connection speed as well as the server ping here.

If your internet connection is not stable, try restarting your router. or disconnect from the internet and try connecting again. 

Method 4: Update the App to the latest version

It’s always recommended to be on the latest version of the app to avoid these glitches. Usually, Tiktok releases new builds by fixing bugs in the previous builds. So, try updating the app to the latest version and check if the error persists.

To update the Tiktok app to the latest version:

Go to Playstore/Appstore and browse for the Tiktok app

Click on the update button and wait for the app to get updated

Open the app and check if the glitch is fixed.

Method 5: Reboot your Mobile Device

Simple and efficient fix for most of the errors. Quickly restart your mobile device/Tablet and check if the issue is resolved.

Note: Many users misunderstand Reboot with Reset; both are two completely different words. Rebooting means restarting your device, and resetting means factory resetting your device, which means deleting everything from your phone.

Method 6: Clear cache of the Tiktok App

The TikTok app cache can often significantly stockpile the more you interact with the app, affecting the app features. To fix this, clear the cache.

Fix TikTok Profile Picture (PFP) Not Changing or Showing

Steps to clear the cache of the TikTok app:

Open the Settings, select Apps & notifications, and choose TikTok from the list of apps.

Choose Storage & cache. Clear the cache.

Protip: If you clear data, it might be better because this will completely reset the app, which is better.

Method 7: Contact Tiktok in-app support

If any of the above methods didn’t work for you, try contacting the TikTok support and report the issue to them. They might take a long time to reply, but give it a try.

Steps to contact TikTok support:

Select Me from the bottom bar and tap the menu icon at the upper-right to open the Settings.

Under Support, tap Report a problem.

Now, under Select a Topic, Tap Account, and Profile.

Fix TikTok Profile Picture (PFP) Not Changing or Showing

Select Editing Profile and then tap on Changing profile photo or video.

Now, you can report your error under “Is your problem resolved,” tap No, and then select Still have a problem.

Clearly describe your TikTok profile picture error problem, and tap Report.

Fix TikTok Profile Picture (PFP) Not Changing or Showing

The TikTok support has received your message and will respond to your issue in the coming days (2-3 days max).


If the above methods don’t work for you, don’t worry and take a chill pill, as these issues are very common, and most of the time, these are fixed automatically from the TikTok side in a few days. If you have found any other fix or error, please feel free to comment below.

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