Best Call of Duty Mobile Alternatives

Have you ever wanted to play a game like Call of Duty Mobile? Well, this article is all you should be looking for! You’ll be able to pick the perfect alternative game for COD Mobile in a list of our top 11 best alternatives! Read on to learn more.

In the day and age of growing mobile gaming, the user’s choice has also taken a skyrocket in terms of the type of games people enjoy nowadays. While smartphone gaming was once seen as something casual, something maybe to kill some time, in today’s world, the case is very different. With the inception of games like Tencent’s PUBG Mobile, the craze for competitive mobile gameplay has reached new heights, with more and more people buying powerful phones just to play the game they know and love. Smartphones these days also all come with powerful internals, even the ones you find at budget prices. This is all due to the fact that companies keep in mind people’s needs and realize the importance of gaming on a smartphone.

As stated previously, it was the release of PUBG that caused the uprising in the mobile game community. Many different software companies have tried and tested their own version of such a game since then, and there are honestly a lot of options available in the market as we speak. Fortnite also boosted the hype for such battle royale games for mobile, Android, and iOS alike.

Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Alternatives

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the latest addition to the ever-growing battle royale series of games, and this was released only very recently and is still in beta in most of the regions. This means you might not be able to download this directly off of the Google Play Store and will have to pre-register and wait till it releases publicly. It’s being developed by Activision and is also being produced by the guys over at Tencent, which is the same production house that made PUBG Mobile. Needless to say, the game follows a similar feel to the other battle royale games, but it features many unique weapons and training features from the original Call of Duty games. There are multiple multiplayer modes, such as deathmatch, battle royale, and a team mode to gather intel alongside your buddies.

If you can’t wait for Call of Duty Mobile to release, but want to experience what true battle royale on mobile feels like, the following are the best alternatives we could pick out of the bunch.

Top 11 Call of Duty Mobile Alternatives

All of the listings here have been tried and tested by yours truly. We have also only picked the games that are trusted by many on the Google Play Store and have had good reviews over the course of their runtime. All these games might seem similar at first, but you really have to try each one of them out to appreciate what each of them is unique for. With that being said, let’s kick the list off!

1. PUBG Mobile

With no surprise, our top pick is the game that started it all – PUBG Mobile. It’s made by the same guys that made Call of Duty Mobile, so all the physics and weapon mechanism is strikingly similar among both. You will also find that PUBG is a game that has been growing at a rapid pace ever since it was first released in 2017. Not only is it highly optimized to run on virtually any Android or iOS device there is, but it packs in some real graphical power to those who can afford to run it at max settings. PUBG Mobile has been on the number one spot on the Google Play Store and has only seen positive feedback ever since it rolled out for both Android and iOS.

People who’ve played PUBG on their PCs or PS4s might already be familiar with the map layout and weapons, and for them, this pick would be the best among the bunch. What’s even better with PUBG Mobile are the constant updates, bug fixes, and the addition of special game modes every few months for holidays like Christmas, and Halloween. You can grab the latest version of PUBG Mobile for Android over at the Google Play Store by following the link below :


2. Fortnite

You saw this coming a mile away, Fortnite takes the second spot on this list because of a good amount of reasons. First off, it features almost a mirror copy of the PC or Console version, and the game physics all remain untouched. This means if you play a lot of Fortnite on your computer or console, you can enjoy the same game on your mobile on the go now. This also means that your account is well synced between all of your devices, and your stats only grow from any phone or tablet you decide to play this game on. For iOS users, we feel Fortnite is the best pick since it is highly optimized, and looks gorgeous of Retina displays. For Android users, however, we do not recommend it as much. Not only due to the fact that it isn’t available directly on the Google Play Store (you’ll have to manually download an APK and then the game data), but also because it isn’t as well optimized as the other games on the list.

Nevertheless, Fortnite brings to the board a very unique concept of building as you fight, and this gives rise to many new and interesting ideas and strategies while in a gunfight. You can create walls to block away from your enemies or make a ramp for yourself to kill them from above. You have party bombs, traps, and many little things that make Fortnite just as fun as it sounds. You can download Fortnite for iOS directly from the Apple App Store, and for Android, follow the link to their official website, and register yourself. Follow all the steps shown there and you should have Fortnite running on your Android phone soon enough.


3. Knives Out – Tokyo Royale

Up next on our list is a game that has been around even before PUBG Mobile hit the shelves for Android. Knives Out is a similar experience to that of PUBG and even has the amazing graphics potential that the original has. When it first started, it was a unique but laggy experience. Now, however, with over 2 years of it running, it is one of the best battle royale games available for Android as well as iOS. While it follows the same design trend as PUBG, it differs in the game mechanics and maps. The latest update to Knives Out brings forth the bright and vibrant streets of Tokyo, with a Japanese theme throughout. Like any other battle royale game, you can team up in either duo, a squad, or even form a “fireteam” mode which increases your chances at winning.

There are a plethora of guns to choose from, and the game encourages its users to utilize tactical grenades and flashbangs to get the upper hand over your enemy. What we enjoy about Knives Out is the attention to detail for the map, since many battle royale games that just take pride in copying PUBG or Fortnite oftentimes forget to give enough touch to the scenery and surroundings. There are a lot of great things about Knives Out, and we recommend you try it out. You can grab the latest version of Knives Out over at the Google Play Store by following the link below


4. Garena Free Fire: Rampage

Yet another pick on our list that closely resembles the likes of PUBG Mobile and Knives Out. However, the distinguishing factor with Garena’s Free Fire is the fact that it sports 10-minute gameplay with 50 players each, instead of the usual 30+ minutes with 100 players. This brings to the table a lot more of stress when dealing with enemies since everyone tries to rush into the battlefield given the less amount of time. This also means that Garena Free Fire is a great game to play in short breaks or lunch intervals since every game takes up only 10 minutes of your time. However, once you’re in the game, the intensity is going to block away from your sense of time altogether. There are unique guns to choose, and many playful strategies to get you to the number one spot. You can also form squads of 4 members to have a truly intense round of team wars.

We feel Garena Free Fall also sports some of the best graphics for a battle royale game out there. It also is available for iOS, and from what we’ve tested, the gameplay seems buttery smooth and pleasant to play. The game is being constantly updated with new maps, weapons, and textures, so make sure you give this one a shot as well! You can download the latest version of Garena Free Fire: Rampage from the Google Play Store by following the link below :


5. Guns of Boom

The next one on our list is also the one we find the most intriguing. Guns of Boom is slightly different from the others on this list since it isn’t exactly a battle royale, but is instead a Player vs Player combat mode. This is not to say that it isn’t fun at all. We’ve found the fast-paced gameplay of Guns of Boom to be more intense than even the likes of PUBG. The controls are all intuitive and easy to learn, but difficult to master. This is why you might find yourself being beaten more than you might have expected in this game. What makes this even more unique is the awesome 3D animated space that seems clean and minimal. You also have a team PvP mode so you can crush others with your buddies as well! Just like Fortnite, you can also customize your avatar and bring to them a unique style in the midst of combat.

We chose these games from the likes of many other battle royales simply because of how many devices this game runs smoothly on. Since there are no HDR elements or insanely high-quality textures to push, Guns of Boom runs smoothly even on budget-oriented smartphones. That paired with the 5-minute match lengths and quick loading times makes this game a must-have to those who are looking to kill some time during intervals or even class hours. You can grab the latest version of Guns of Boom from the Google Play Store by following the link given below :


6. Modern Combat 5

Coming in at the sixth place in our list of some of the best Call of Duty Mobile Alternatives, we have Modern Combat 5. If you have been using Android or even iOS for a long time now, you will definitely have already heard of this game. The Modern Combat series for smartphones grew really popular in 2014, and that was all thanks to the breathtaking graphics that the games packed for a time such as back then. The story has not changed a bit, and the latest installment in the Modern Combat series once again takes your breath away by providing some of the best-in-class graphics for a smartphone game. In fact, once you start playing the game on your phone at the highest settings, you might even mistake it for being a fully-fledged PC or console game, the graphics are just that good. However, the story does not end there. Like any good shooter game, Modern Combat 5 also has a complicated story built-in as a campaign mode for users to play and enjoy.

While it does not have a battle royale mode like all the other games on this list, we mentioned it because it resembles the likes of Call of Duty Mobile just too well. In case you did not know, Call of Duty was never aimed for being a battle royale game, and it was only in the recent pressure of games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite that Call of Duty Mobile also adapted the famous battle royale game mode. On the plus side, Call of Duty Mobile does have a multiplayer mode that you can play with or against your friends, that closely resembles Call of Duty in a lot of ways. Overall, if you wanted a shooter game with the best available graphics for mobile, then we highly recommend you try out Modern Combat 5! You can grab the latest version of Modern Combat 5 for your Android device from the Google Play Store by following the link given below :


7. Brother in Arms 3

Next on the list, we have an interesting shooter game that we think will serve as a great alternative to Call of Duty Mobile for most of you smartphone gamers out there! Brother in Arms is a different sort of shooter game that we have come across, and thanks to its popularity we do not really have to spend too much time justifying why you might want to try this game out. In short, if you do not have a flagship-grade Android or iOS device, but still wanted to enjoy the action-packed shooting genre out there, then Brother in Arms 3 is just the right game for you. In spite of its lower graphics quality, the game does not shy away from providing the same fast-paced action that all the other shooter games on this list do. In fact, you might be surprised that all of this comes in a small download package as well, so if your device has been running low on storage, you do not have to really worry about grabbing this game anyway.

Talking about the gameplay, the game sports 4 different maps that you can choose between, all of which are distinctive from each other. You can also play between 2 different game modes, namely Free for All and Team Deathmatch. This game has given a lot of emphasis to gun upgrades too, so if you were saddened by the fact that most of the battle royale games do not allow for gun upgrades of add-ons, then this is just the right shooter game for you! There is a lot to this game than just meets the eye, and we highly recommend you try it out if you wanted to play something a bit more casually and one that did not eat away all of your precious time. You can grab the latest version of Brother in Arms 3 for your Android device from the Google Play Store by following the link given below :


8. Butter Royale

Butter Royale is an extremely cute and kid-friendly alternative to Call of Duty Mobile. It doesn’t have the most awe-inspiring graphics or the most intense combat, but it sure is very enjoyable. The game features a 31-person arena and a fight to victory that lasts 5 minutes. The weapons of choice are hilarious as well, including bread blasting and sauce shooting tools.

There are over 80+ different characters you can choose from and equip special melee weapons. You can team up with your friends to play against other squads in an exciting 4v4 battle arena. The game has powerups, boosters, and many weapons that you can find in the arena itself. What makes this game unique are its 5-minute matches that keep the game short and addictive.

Unfortunately, the game is only available for iOS users. You can grab the latest version of Butter Royale for your iOS device from the Apple App Store by following the link given below :


9. Battlelands Royale

While Android users may not be able to taste the sweet victory of winning a match in Butter Royale, we have a compelling alternative for you! Battlelands Royale gives off the same “cute” and “adorable” vibes that Butter Royale has. Battlelands Royale also features a 32-person arena with an average match time of 3-5 minutes, making it a great casual game.

You can either play in Duos or, if you’re daring enough, combat alone for a chance to be the last man standing. The game has a variety of guns to choose from. Funnily enough, this cute game also has a Battle Pass that grants you exclusive goodies and skins. Just like most other battle royale games, the map is huge and is filled with supply drops for you to explore.

The game is updated regularly and thanks to its simple graphics, can run on pretty much any phone out there. You can grab the latest version of Battlelands Royale for your Android device from the Google Play Store by following the link given below :


10. Battlegrounds Mobile India

Next on the list, we have a special for all the Indian gamers out there. Ever since the PUBG ban last year, mobile gamers in the country have been looking for the best alternative they can. Fortunately, the most popular battle royale game is back with a slight facelift. Don’t worry, users will be able to load up their game data from their old accounts and continue playing from where they left off.

While we have already talked about the global version of PUBG Mobile on this list, the slightly modified version for Indian consumers features a dedicated Indian server. This is great for people who have always faced high ping or connectivity issues. Apart from a few cosmetic changes like the lack of red blood, the game remains largely unchanged.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is being distributed by Krafton Inc, and is currently available as an early access game on the Play Store. You can grab the latest version of Battleground Mobile India for your Android device from the Google Play Store by following the link given below :


11. Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike is a great example of the false myth that a game needs absolutely cutting edge graphics to be enjoyable. This game offers a battle royale game mode on a smaller scale, which is why we recommend this to people who often feel too overwhelmed by the other battle royale games on this list like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile that have 99 other players in your arena.

Heroes Strike is also not a traditional first or third-person shooter and instead uses a friendly 2.5D camera angle that makes it less intense for new players. The game also has a 4v4 MOBA Tower Destroy game mode, along with a battle royale mode of up to 12 players in a single arena. While 12 players in death to the finish-type game might seem less, the game makes up with the plethora of different weapons and powerups you can use.

The thing with most battle royale games like PUBG or COD Mobile is that the player has to dedicate at least 30 minutes per match with the most amount of concentration they can put in. In a game like Heroes Strike where a traditional match lasts for only around 5 minutes, it becomes easier to just play the game as a pass timer instead of a very competitive experience. As mentioned before, there are several balanced characters and abilities that make the game more interesting to play. You can grab the latest version of Heroes Strike for your Android device from the Google Play Store by following the link given below :


That’s all folks! Do you like our list for some of the best Call of Duty Mobile Alternatives? Which one is your favorite and why? Do let us know down in the comments section below, we’d be glad to hear your thoughts!

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