How to Use Google Assistant on Android TV

We all know that Google Assistant can execute various actions based on the user’s voice command on smartphones. But do you know that the virtual assistant is available on your smart TV as well.? Let me explain to you how you can set up and use Google Assistant on your Android TV. You may use smart TV from any brand of your choice. The process of using the Assistant will be the same throughout.

The use of Google Assistant is fairly the same on Android TV as you do on a smartphone. You can ask it about weather conditions, sports and news update, etc. Your smart TV must have a remote control that can trigger the Assistant. There are a few other basic requirements that I have mentioned ahead in the guide.

Use Google Assistant on Android TV

By default Google Assistant comes pre-installed on all Android TV of every brand. While setting up your TV for the first time, you can enable Google Assistant. In fact, you can activate the virtual assistant any time you want.


  • Make sure you have updated the firmware build on your smart TV
  • Stable internet connection
  • Smart speakers with Google Assistant support
  • The smart TV remote must have a Mic button to invoke Google Assistant

Invoking the Google Assistant on Android TV

It is very simple. You can press the remote control button with the microphone symbol or Google Assistant symbol. Otherwise, use the remote control to scroll up to the Voice icon. You can find this one on the smart TV’s Home menu.

When you press the Mic or Google Assistant button to summon it for the first time, you will come across an agreement page. It’s the usual Terms and Conditions page. Just agree to it and continue with the setup.

How to use the Google Assistant

When the Assistant shows up on the screen, you can ask about

  • Today’s weather report
  • Get the latest news update from around the world or from your nearby location
  • Plan your day with event and task reminders
  • Get the meaning of words and do on-the-go translations
  • Make quick calculations
  • Query to find an instant answer via Google Search
  • Play a song of your choice or listen to a podcast

You will get the assistant’s reply through the smart speakers. Also, the results will accordingly show on your smart TV.

So, that’s all about how to use Google Assistant on any Android TV. Try it out and have fun.

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