Warzone 2 Floor Loot List

Players are always confused that what they should loot after spawning into the map. As the players are confused about it, so they often forgot to loot some important items or loot unnecessary items which are not going to help them in the match.

This is one of the biggest problems for Call of Duty Warzone 2 players. However, you don’t need to worry as we are got your back. We are here with the Call of Duty Warzone 2 important items that you should loot first after spawning into the match. Continue reading this guide till the end to learn about it.

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Warzone 2 Floor Loot List

The players can only win the match easily if they have good primary weapons, armour, revives, etc. Without these important items, the players will be not able to win the match easily. Thus, we have prepared the items lists that you should loot when you spawned into the match. So, let’s get started with the important loot items.

1. Armor Plates

The Armor Plates are the first that you should find on the map. It is not hard to get. You will easily find this item on the map. The Armor Plates will help you defend yourself from your enemy fires through which you will deal with low damage and will be able to maintain your health. Without the Armor Plates, you will be not able to fight and win against the enemies. Thus, it is important that you should keep yourself equipped with the Armor Plates.

2. Self Revives

The Self Revives will help you in recovering your health. Whenever you get into a fight or win a fight, there are chances that your health will be not the same or we can say 100. Thus, at that time, the Self Revives will help you in recovering your health. You can get it through the Buy Stations or from the loot of medical cabinets.

3. Cash

Cash is an important thing that you should find on the map. With the help of Cash, you will be able to buy items from the buy station. You can use it to buy weapons, teammates and other essential items of your need. You will be able to loot cash by breaching security safes, and cash registers, and by killing enemies.

4. Gold Bars

The Gold Bars are one of the highly valuable items that you will find in the game. You can sell these gold bars for $8,000 which is a lot of cash to buy a lot of items.

5. Primary Weapons

Once you spawned to the map, then the first thing that you should find is the Primary Weapon. The weapon can help you in killing enemies as well as keep yourself safe from others. For getting the primary weapon, you will need to loot the dead enemy or by killing the enemy with your pistol. You should loot whatever primary weapon you get first. There is no specific recommendation for it. However, if you get to loot another primary weapon, then don’t hesitate.


Call of Duty Warzone 2 is a multiplayer action game. Every player is looking to get a lot of loot to kill the enemies and survive till the last. If you don’t have the knowledge of the proper loot items, then how you will be able to do so? Thus, we have listed the important loot items you should find after spawning. That’s it for today. See you in the next one.

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