How to Fix Xbox and PS5 Stuttering Issue?

If you’ve ever played a video game ( Online or Offline) with unexpected lag spikes, heists, and chokes, an expert game stutters afterward. It is just one of the more frustrating aspects of PC video pc gaming, although it is also known to occur on gaming consoles.

PC players, however, have the luxury of possibly eliminating the stuttering problems because the problem has numerous fixable sources. And guess what? We have mentioned all the methods in this guide to fix the Xbox and PS5 stuttering issue.

How to Fix Xbox and PS5 Stuttering Issue?

How to Fix Stuttering Issue in PS5?

The PS5 stutter and the lag fix will depend upon the problem a gamer may be having actually. The PS5 has powerful next-gen technology, but that does not imply it will not have problems like slow download rates or is not able to begin applications at all. Thankfully, gamers can try a couple of points to improve their PS5 framerate.

Try different Graphics Modes

Lots of next-gen video games offer players an option in between 2 or more video settings. Generally, one set has a higher resolution, and the various other has higher FPS. Try switching to the various other video settings.

Restart the PS5

One of the best options is to restart the console to fix the lag and stutter. Then, exit the video game and reboot the console completely.

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Ensure the PS5 is cooled enough

The PS5 is one of the computer systems which is required to be cool enough to perform its task. Ensure that the PS5 is properly cooled down:

  • Is exists enough open space for the PS5 console?
  • Are the cooling vents obstructed by dirt or too close to an item?
  • Does the console’s location feel warm when playing a video game?
  • Is the stand being used in a straight setting?

If it looks like the PS5 is too warm, maximize some space about the console or relocate to a more open


Check Your Monitor

One potential PS5 stutter and the lag fix may not involve the console. If gamers are experiencing problems with various video games, the problem may be the TV — try using the PS5 on another TV or monitor and see if the issue remains.

Check stutter in other games.

Some video games may not run well despite the power of a PS5 — try having fun with another video game and see if the problem is simply with one specific game.

Fix Stuttering Issue in Xbox-

Try to reset the Xbox One network card and also clear the cache:

  • Push and hold the Xbox switch on the console until the light behind it transforms off (about 5 seconds), which means the console is off.
  • After the console has shut down, disconnect the power cable and delay 30 secs.
  • Connect the console back in and turn it on using the Xbox switch. Power biking will reset the network card and clear the cache.

Other than that, you could use these usual settings to fix the stuttering that every system needs, whether it’s Xbox, PS5, or PC-

 Lower Screen Resolution Setting

The first game setting you should look at when attempting to fix stuttering in video games is screen resolution. This can have one of the most instantly visible effects on efficiency and often refixes video game stuttering by itself.

Changing the resolution helps to take some concerns off your GPU. Also, your monitor may not have the ability to handle the bigger resolution that you are attempting to use when having fun with a video game.

 Decrease Anti-Aliasing

Anti-aliasing is a procedure that gets rid of rugged lines in video games. It is accomplished by rendering frameworks several times to smooth the shift in between surface areas in the video game world.

However, greater degrees of anti-aliasing can cause the GPU to work overtime, possibly leading to a traffic jam. Therefore, you can set anti-aliasing in the setups of most games to 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x.

 Drop Texture Smoothing

The structure filtering system determines how a 2D picture is mapped to a complete 3D model. However, a single pixel doesn’t represent a 3D model straight because it is viewed from various angles and distances.

There are several manners ins which a structure filtering system can occur. One of the most basic of these is called a bilinear filtering system, and all this does is equate the nearest pixels to produce an average color gradient.

 Decrease structure quality

Structure quality is easily adjustable in most games and is related to the quality of the video. The lower the video quality, the greater your frameworks each second in-game. However, the trade-off is that the video game will look even worse.

Final thought

There are many feasible solutions to decrease or eliminate stuttering in video games. However, fixing this issue is a diverse process, often requiring several solutions and some investigator work.

While you should always begin by looking at the equipment setups and recommended video game setups, you will also want to manually change your video game setups to ensure that the video game runs as efficiently as feasible with your present specifications. So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix the stuttering issue in PS5 and Xbox.

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