After Android 13 Update, Phone Not Charging Beyond 80%, Is there a fix?

Those people who had updated their smartphone with the Android 13 have found some issues in the charging. There are a number of reports that tell us that their phones do not charge when it reaches the 80% level. When they put their phone on charging it stops at 80%.

This article will guide you through this issue and if you are the one who updated their phone to the newest Android 13 version and is coping with this issue can find solutions here. We are going to tell you what may be the reason behind this issue and whether is it a problem or it is a feature of Android 13.

After Android 13 Update, Phone Not Charging Beyond 80%, Is there a fix

After Android 13 Update, Phone Not Charging Beyond 80% Mark

You put your smartphone on charge and it stuck on the 80% mark and you think your battery is damaged or this is a bug. But it is actually a feature in android as quoted by Google. The Android 13 comes with the feature that it will limit your battery charging to 80% level to save your battery health.

As quoted by Google, charging the smartphone when it is draining the battery like playing games, it affects the health of the device’s battery. That is why Google has limited the battery charging to only 80%.

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Is there any fix for this?

The short answer would be, Yes. Of course, there is a fix for this. This feature may seem very legit and useful. But if you are a heavy smartphone user you will find the 80% battery marks as not good and enough for your daily uses. The good thing is that you can change this while going into the settings. Here is how you can do that.

  • Turn off the battery optimization features on your android. You can turn off your battery optimization by going into the settings>battery>battery optimization.
  • Disconnect your charger and reconnect it again. Sometimes your charger pin is not connected accurately for some reason. This will fix that issue.
  • Restart your phone and see if it changes anything if you are still facing the same issue.
  • Sometimes your charger is damaged and it won’t charge your phone. If it starts charging on connecting with a different charger then your charger is the problem.
  • Check your charging port and see if there any dust or moisture is there or not. If you see anything try removing them first and reconnect your charger.
  • Try safe mode. Press and hold the power button to get the power menu and press and gold on the restart button for a few seconds.
  • Try charging your smartphone with the PC and see if this work or not.
  • If nothing is working for you then there might be some problem with the device. Contact customer care immediately.


As the Android 13 has loads of features but it also comes with some hugs as it is at a very new stage. People have been complaining about their battery draining quickly when the WiFi is turned on.

As this 80% limit feature might be useful for people who use their phone less often and want their battery health to be 100%. But for the heavy smartphone users who watch movies and tv shows and plays lots of game. 80% battery can be a problem.

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