After Android 13 Update, Phone Not Charging Beyond 80%, Is there a fix?

Some folks who’ve got their phones running the new Android 13 are facing a bit of a hiccup. Their phones seem to stop charging once the battery hits 80%! It’s like the phone decides it’s had enough juice and just doesn’t want to drink any more power. If you’ve hopped on the Android 13 train and are dealing with this, don’t worry, this article is your friend. We’ll walk you through why this might be happening—is it a sneaky bug, or just the way Android 13 rolls? Either way, we’ve got your back with some handy solutions!

After Android 13 Update, Phone Not Charging Beyond 80%, Is there a fix

After Android 13 Update, Phone Not Charging Beyond 80% Mark

So, imagine you plug in your phone, and it seems to give up charging at the 80% mark, your first thought might be that the battery’s in trouble or there’s some glitch. But, surprise, it’s actually a thoughtful feature by Android. Yes, Android 13 brings in a thoughtful tweak—it caps your charging at 80% to keep your battery feeling spry and healthy.

As Google puts it, juicing up your phone while it’s working hard, like during a gaming session, isn’t great for the battery’s well-being. To tackle this, Google decided to set an 80% charging limit. It’s like giving your phone a diet plan for a longer, healthier life!

For those wondering if there’s a workaround for the 80% charging limit, yes, there is! While this feature could be quite beneficial, keeping the longevity of the battery in mind, it might not sit well with avid smartphone users who require full battery capacity to sustain their varied uses throughout the day. Fortunately, adjusting a few settings can help override this feature.

To bypass the 80% limit, disable battery optimization by navigating to settings > battery > battery optimization. Occasionally, charging issues may also arise due to improper connection of the charger pin; disconnecting and reconnecting the charger can often resolve such minor glitches. A simple restart of your device could also help in some instances.

Inspect the charger and the charging port for any visible damage or obstructions like dust or moisture, and use an alternate charger or clean the port if needed. If you’re still unable to charge beyond 80%, resorting to safe mode or charging through a PC are worth a try. If all else fails, reaching out to customer support should be your next step, as there might be an underlying issue with the device itself.


Android 13, despite being laden with innovative features, does have its share of quirks, given its nascent stage of release. Some users have reported expedited battery drainage with Wi-Fi usage, amongst other issues.

The 80% charging cap might be a boon for casual users aiming to maintain optimal battery health, but for power users who indulge in extensive gaming, movie streaming, or other high-consumption activities, this limitation can be a significant hindrance.

Remember, it’s always crucial to balance feature utility with individual needs, and thankfully, Android provides the flexibility to do so!

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