How to Use the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Feature

When it comes to smartwatches, Apple smartwatch is always a few steps ahead of other competitors. The sophistication in Apple watches is not limited to the design and looks. If we take a glance at the features, Apple’s wearables offer the most number of features. Of course, all those intricate features come at a hefty price tag. However, it’s worth all the user-friendly features apple provides. Today we will talk about the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie feature.

In this guide, I have explained how this feature works. Also, how it is similar yet technically advanced than the regular walkie-talkie we know of. Sounds interesting..? Well, the original one is limited to shorter ranges. However, with the Apple watch your communication can easily spread over the globe. Let’s dive into the guide and know more about the feature.

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How to Use the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Feature

First, you need to invite your friend to be able to talk via the walkie talkie app in the Apple watch. This invite goes in the form of a friend request that you need to set up only once. I mean once your friend has accepted your invite, later you can connect to them and talk through walkie-talkie anytime.

You can enable the walkie-talkie by tapping on the toggle beside it. Even if the feature is disabled, people can still request to talk with you. You will see the request for communication if some send any connection request/message.

Sending an Invite

  • Go to the Walkie Talkie app
  • Tap on Add Friends
  • Select your choice of contact
  • Once the concerned person accepts your invite, then you will see their name in a yellow highlight.

Those who will receive the request, they get two options to Accept or Decline.

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Message Sending

It is easy to do.

  • Simply touch and hold the talk button
  • Speak out your message
  • Once spoken release the talk button.

How/to Enable Disable the Feature

You can enable Walkie-talkie from the control center of the watch.

  • Go to Control center on the watch
  • tap on the walkie-talkie feature (turns yellow upon activation)
  • In case you are at work or school tap on it to stop receiving any requests.

Also, you can disable the feature from the app. There is a toggle beside the app.

Remove A Friend from Apple Watch Walkie-talkie app

Here is how you can remove someone from being your walkie-talkie contact.

  • Open Walkie-talkie app in the Apple watch
  • Swipe left on the contact you wish to remove
  • Confirm by tapping on the delete button

Removing Walkie-talkie contact from the iPhone

  • Open Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  • Next, tap on Walkie-talkie
  • tap on the minus button for the contact you want to delete
  • Now tap on remove

So, that’s all about the Apple Watch Walkie talkie feature. Try it out and let us know your experience if you haven’t tried the feature.

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