Best 5 Fastest Ways to Travel in Minecraft

Minecraft is a kind of game that you won’t get done discovering. Even if you think you’ve gone through most of the game, chances are you’re nowhere near a percent of what the game has hidden. However, due to this fact, traveling is an important part of Minecraft. Whether you want to explore more of the game or have locations that you want to keep visiting every often, a faster means of travel rather than walking is crucial to saving time.

There are a lot of different methods that you can adopt for a faster means of travel in Minecraft. If you’re unsure of what they are, how they work, and how to actually do it, then this is a guide that’s capable of equipping you with the fastest ways of traveling in Minecraft. So before we divert any further, let’s look right into the best 5 fastest ways to travel in Minecraft.

Best 5 Fastest Ways to Travel in Minecraft

Best 5 Fastest Ways to Travel in Minecraft

1. Boat

1 first fastest way that’s available for traveling in Minecraft is by a Boat. If the location that you need to reach cover mostly or entirely of water, then a boat is the fastest means of travel out there in the game. If in case there is some land along the way, building a canal will help if you still do not wish to walk. Out of all the traveling means out there, a boat is the easiest to make, which requires only 5 wood planks of the same color.

2. Horse

A horse is a good means of traveling fast in Minecraft if the place you wish to go to consists mostly or entirely of land. If you wish to travel by a horse, you’ll need to tame it, as well as own a saddle. You’ll manage to find saddles in chests like those in dungeons and mineshafts. If you want the horse that you tamed to stay in a place without a stable, you’ll need a lead and a fence post. You can either take this from Wandering Trader or make it with a slimeball and string. However, if your journey requires you to carry plenty of things, then a donkey is a good alternative.

3. Minecart

Setting up a Minecart is a bit of a hard process. So we suggest that you do this only if the journey is a recurring one, where you need to keep traveling and back. In order to make the Minecart work, you’ll need basic rails, charged rails, and Redstone torches/Activator rails. Once you have them all, lay down your track with the charged rails spacing out at a distance of 7 blocks. Then, placing the Redstone torches/Activator rails next to them will successfully activate them. Then, place down your Minecart, enter it and see the magic happen.

4. Nether Portal

Figuring out the Nether portal in Minecraft is a little bit tricky. But if you do manage to do it, then traveling long distances, say more than 1,000 blocks, will be a whole lot easy and fast. If you have a nether portal back at your home and you often need to visit some other place at a longer distance, then you should seriously consider building a nether portal at this location. Although the nether portals are dangerous, it is always worth the risk. If you manage to figure it out, traveling longer distances will never be a hassle again.

5. Strider

The Strider is one of the newest mobs in Minecraft. The strider is just like a horse, except that it moves slowly on land and extremely fast when in lava. Just like a horse and a pig, you need a saddle and its favorite treat on a stick if you wish to ride it. With one warped fungus and one fishing rod, you can craft a Warped Fungus on a stick and it is enough to control the strider.

Covering 5 different fastest ways to travel in Minecraft, it is up to you to choose which means of travel you want to choose. This highly depends on your personal preference as well as the travel conditions along your journey. That said, we hope reading the article above has equipped you with some bit of information. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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