Fix Call of Duty Warzone crashing with Blue Screen of Death [BSOD ISSUE]

The Call of Duty Warzone is a free-to-play battle royal video game released in 2020. In a short time after the game was released, there were several issues reported by many users world around. Many users said they are facing irregular crashes.

Users face crashing problems in different ways. Some of them are having issues with the main menu. While some others had the problem during the training tutorial, some users are facing getting a blue screen of death. Through this writing, we will help you to fix crashing issues in your game. Let’s discuss more the solutions.

Fix Call of Duty Warzone crashing with Blue Screen of Death[BSOD ISSUE]

In our opinion, only a few possibilities may cause trouble in your game. Before jumping into the solutions, first of all, we have to know the possibilities which may damage your game.

  1. Out-dated graphics drivers may cause this issue.
  2. The priority of the game’s process may cause this issue.
  3. The issue with the NVIDIA overload and Blizzard account may be the origin of this issue.

As well as we recommend that you have to make sure the Antivirus software on your PC is working properly and this antivirus is not the cause of the crashing issue. Now it’s time to discuss more the method to fix the issue.

Update your Graphics Drivers

One of the prime reasons behind the crash issue occurring in your game is outdated drivers. The perfect Graphics Drivers bring out gaming stability and improve the gaming experience. Thus you can enjoy newer games without any trouble. So to enjoy the fastest and smoothest gaming experience, you have to download the latest driver suitable for your GPU.

To update the Graphics driver, you can use Nvidia through GeForce Experience software. If you are an AMD user, you are able to update your Graphics driver from the AMD Radeon Software.

Change Process’s priority

The higher priority in the game process may sometimes become the reason for your game crash. By default, the Call of Duty Warzone comes in high priority in the Task Manager. The high-priority process drains more CPU and Memory compared to the standard process. To escape from this issue, you have to minimize the priority of the game’s process in the Task Manager. To do so, follow this step;

  • Press right-click on the taskbar to select “Task Manager.”
  • In the Task Manager, you can see the list of currently running processes. There select the “Details tab”.
  • Search the game’s process, if found then right-click on it. Then select “Set Priority” and select “Normal”.
  • To confirm select “Change priority.”

After successfully completing the procedure, you can exit from it and open the game and check the issue is solved.

Deactivate Nvidia In-game Overlay

The Nvidia In-game Overlay is the next reason for the game crashing. To get rid of this issue you have to de-activate the Nvidia In-game overlay. Follow the below steps and disable it.

  • First of all, open the GeForce Experience
  • If the software launched, select the Settings
  • Then you will enter into the General Settings tab.
  • There you are able to see In-game Overlay option below the Language section
  • Turn-off the In-game Overlay function and exit from the menu
  • Then close the game and reopen it and check it works properly.

You can develop your Virtual memory size

In many cases, the Virtual memory size may cause this issue. The size of the Virtual memory is exactly like the size of the hard disk that the PC uses, like RAM. This is said as page filing. To solve this issue, you have to increase the size of the paging of the drive. Follow these steps to increase the paging size.

  • Right-click on My Computer and select Properties
  • On the page, select Advanced System settings as you can see on the left side of the page
  •  Then System Properties>Advanced tab
  • In the “Performance” select the “Settings” button
  • Again open the “Advanced” tab
  • Now you reach to “Virtual Memory” and select “Change.”
  • Please ensure “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers” is unchecked
  • And notice drive, your game is installed and select “Custom size.”
  • Ensure the basic and maximum size is over than 2048MB
  • Then hit ‘Set’ and click OK
  • Once again hit the Ok button and restart your computer.
  • Then verify the issue is solved.

Modify executable name

Sometimes the crashing can happen by changing the executable name when the game opens. To avoid this issue, you have to fix it. Follow the below steps to fix the issue.

  • Open Call of Duty Modern Warzone
  • Wait for few time for the game gets into the menu and minimize it
  • Then go to the main game folder, and press right-click on main Executable
  • And rename from “ModernWarefare.exe” to “ModernWarfare.exe1”
  • Now the procedure is finished, hereafter you can open the game and verify the issue solved.
  • You can also do this process easily using the script developed by Daddledore, the Reddit user.
  • You have to keep in mind that you have to change the installation path that you can see in the 4th line in the script and change to your installation path.

While you are facing a crashing issue on the game; Call of duty Warzone, primarily you have to make sure that the third-party software you are using in your system is working properly. Especially the anti-virus software, you can turn off the software to verify the game is performing well.

Anyway, we discussed the solid reasons to cause the crashing issue and reliable solutions to fix the issue. We hope now you are capable of solving the issue wisely. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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