Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition came out as the latest edition of all its predecessors. Of course, it is so far the best-built game in this series. Therefore, whether you are just planning to join the adventure or an existing player who has lost his touch in the game, you might want to introduce yourself to the characters. Fortunately, there is a huge list of characters and each of them comes with a certain uniqueness.

As a result, it would be a critical job to deal with only the stronger characters right away. To help you find out about their abilities, here is a tier list of all the characters present in Chrono Cross. We have tried our best to plot the different characters in different tiers based on their abilities. So, it should be a go-to way to choose the potential characters in your party.

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Here is the list of all the heroes in Chrono Cross. We have divided the characters into five different tiers based on their skills and ability. As you go down the list, the skills of the characters usually drop. Therefore, make sure to choose a good combination of all heroes to build a stable team.

Chrono Cross: S Tier List

1. Glenn

Coming from the S-tier list, Glenn is one of the mightiest heroes you will find in Chrono Cross. He possesses the skill of Dual Wield, which is a very rare skill in the game. As the name Dual Wield suggests, it gives Glenn the access to wield the stats of two different weapons at the same time. But what’s even more interesting is that he can also carry two copies of Einlanzer. This makes him an unstoppable invincible hero in Chrono Cross.

2. Harle

Harle is basically an aide to the villainous Lynx. Being just 18, she is ever ready to poke others and mock them. But despite all that, she is still one of the strongest characters right in the game. Her ability to quickly appear and disappear from anywhere gives her an edge over other characters. However, the saddest part here is that Harle is accessible for a very limited amount of time. But if you know how to use her abilities properly, she can be of great use.

3. Serge

Serge appears as a semi-permanent character at your party. The hero has quite a dark past that connects his existence with the future of the planet. He began his journey to Chrono Cross after losing his balance in a different world and gradually became one of the strongest heroes. Serge possesses the Mastermune and is able to release attacks with greater hit points. His jab, slash, and double slash attacks are so fierce that it even creates a flash on your screen for a few milliseconds.

4. Orlah

Orlah is a perfect choice when it comes to withstanding and dealing with enemies in battle. This beautiful bartender from Guldove is a pure mixture of beauty, brawns, and intelligence. She is indeed the toughest blue innate physical damage dealer you will ever find in Chrono Cross.

5. Lynx

Lynx is one of those mysterious characters in Chrono Cross, whose identity is not revealed in the game. Just like serge, Lynx also masters different abilities that make him one of the most preferred characters in most parts of the game. In fact, if you have just started your adventure, even you will be using Lynx as your main character for a long time. He is mostly popular for his ruthless nature and his obsession to reach his goals no matter whatever it takes.

6. Karsh

Talk about the interesting characters in the game, the son of Zappa and Zippa, Karsh turns out to be one of them. Also known as one of the 4 Dragoon Devas, Karsh is known for his extraordinary damage skills. The character pictures a very robust nature from the exterior but indeed one of the most compassionate ones from the insides. The only negative ability you will find in Karsh is his slow stamina recovery.

7. Grobyc

Another black innate character is basically a cyborg assassin of the Porre Military. Grobyc is a respectable character who respects those who best fit him during battle. Although the character can be a big flop when it comes to his stats of magic, his physical prowess is truly amazing. Grobyc simply specializes in punching, roll kicking, and hair stabbing.

Chrono Cross: A Tier List

1. Kid

Although she seems pretty polite and decent by her name and looks, she can be quite dangerous when goes into a rage. Kid, the 15-year-old character belongs to the Radical Dreamers group of thieves. She specializes in slash and uppercut with a blade. Kid seeks revenge as Lynx demolished the orphanage where she was brought up.

2. Nikki

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Nikki, a son of Frago is basically a frontman of the musical group called Magical Dreamers. He also has an older brother named Marcy whom you will meet in our B Tier list. Once you save Nikki from the Shadow Forest in Termina, he will immediately join your party. However, having him in your party will prevent you from unlocking Pierre and Guile. Therefore, plan your party first before you allow him to join.

3. Leena

Leena is another character from the Chrono Cross Ramaster. She is a childhood friend to Serge and is certainly shy when it comes to romance or anything that concerns Serge. However, she does have a bold and strong personality which is why she is loved by many. In order to join Leena at your party, you will have to deny Kid’s request thrice in Cape Howl. But there is nothing to worry about getting Kid, as you can make him join Termina again.

4. Guile

Guile, a masked magician from Chrono Cross Ramaster: The Radical Dreamers Edition. You will meet him at the bar in Terminia where Guile will take you to the Viper Manor. If we keep aisle Harle for the time, then Guile is definitely the strongest black spell caster you will have. His ultimate weapon is a rod which he can use in multiple ways to get rid of the enemies. No doubt, he is a great choice to have on your part. But having him will again block you from unlocking Pierre and Nikki in the first playthrough. Hence, make your move with a lot of thinking.

5. Janice

Janice is simply a demi-human with all her demons who have focused her entire life on fighting and training. She is a very focused character who wields a Beta Carotene as her weapon and has fierce moves to take down any monsters.

6. Sprigg

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Sprigg is certainly a character that might shock you at her first glimpse. She is an old dwarfish woman aging 244 years. She holds a staff as her weapon and mostly depends on Dopplegang. Sprigg will only join your party to see what the world looks like outside the vortex she was in.

7. Fargo

Fargo is an amazing sword user and is especially known for his Tech-savvy skill. He is the captain of the S.S Invincible. He is a much-needed character as you go on to defeat the 6 Dragon Gods. These dragons have special plates that have the ability to absorb any material. And using Fargo’s skill, you can easily turn these plates into many advanced armors.

8. Skelly

Skelly as it sounds is actually a living skeleton. But he once had a life when he used to live like a clown. Once, you take Skelly’s grandmother’s bones to Termina, Serge with his allies will bring him along to find a way to make him whole once again.

9. Greco

Next, we have an ex-wrestler who has lived his life through a lot of tragedy. You can approach Greco after defeating Lynx at Viper Manor and learn about his resolve to make him join your party. Greco basically joins your party for a respectful life and mostly to accommodate his fears.

Chrono Cross: B Tier List

1. Zoah

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Zoah is yet another mysterious character about whom nothing much has been revealed. He has never even uncovered his face under his helmet. All that we know about him is that Zoah is one of the 4 Dragoon Devas and an extremely skilled fighter.

2. Viper

Viper is the former leader of the Acacia Dragoons. He is also known by the name Lord of El Nido. In order to recruit him, you need to return to S.S Invincible and rescue his daughter from the Porre Military. Viper will join your party as an honor for your deed.

3. Norris

Norris is an extremely cold-looking guy with quite a mysterious attitude. He is a Porre Military Commander who works for an undercover investigation team known as Black Wind. Norris certainly has strong skills. Moreover, as you hand over the plasma gun to him, he becomes even more fierce.

4. Razzly

A kind-hearted forest fairy, Razzly is a mid-range character. He has the potential to cast spells that hits the enemies quite hard, however, compared to that, the damage done is not great enough. Razzly is trapped at the Hydra Marshes and wants to go back to his home. But when he meets Serge and gets to know him, he willingly joins the party.

5. Marcy

Another blue-hitting hero with some potential physical damage. Marcy is the youngest among the 4 Dragoon Devas. She has great skills which help her cooperate with the elder warriors in battles.

6. Riddel

Riddel is a great character who is considered one the best spell user with mindblowing magic stats. Moreover, her white innate even provides her with skills that make her a decent healer. Riddel is very polite and gentle and grew up in Viper Manor.

7. Miki

Miki is basically a caster in Chrono Cross. However, being a red character, her spell-casting skills are not considered that good. Besides, she is also the lead dancer in the same musical group where Nikki performs as a frontman.

8. Orcha

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Well, enough fighters and spell casters, it’s time to satisfy your stomach now. Orcha comes out as an amazing cook in Viper Manor. He possesses high damage output, however, his magic defense is relatively low. As he was hostile to a certain force, Serge along with his allies saves Orcha from his situation and makes him join the party.

9. Draggy

Draggy’s skills make him a better support character rather than the main character. Although he is underrated, Draggy possesses some unique qualities that can be seen in his massive defensive stats. Moreover, his fast stamina recovery can be a key to winning any battle if you have him in your party.

10. Zappa

Zappa gets special when it comes to his high HP and damage. Apart from that, there is nothing impressive about him. In fact, he can be easily defeated by other characters in Chrono Cross who inherit the same innate.

11. Mojo

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Mojo is a voodoo doll with the ability to move. And as such, he becomes unhittable and this is probably the only plus point he has. Other than this, Mojo is very much an average character who could be a good supporting character.

12. Radius

Radius can be a very useful character as you explore Chrono Cross. The best thing about Radius is that he is a highly balanced character in the game. You can find an overall balance in all aspects. However, you might feel like he falls somewhat short when it comes to HP. But apart from that, you can definitely consider him for your party.

13. Irene’s

Irenes is a gorgeous mermaid who has some considerable magic power and a massive grid. She will join your party with a very noble intention of humans co-existing with demi-humans.

14. Steena

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Steena is a brave and strong white innate in Chrono Cross. Unlike other white innates, Steena has the ability to release powerful hits. Her attacks carry hard magic hits, as well as their strengths, are also considerable which makes enemies go at a loss. She uses thrust, slice, and spin slash tactics to attack the enemies.

15. Leah

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

If you are looking for a yellow innate then Leah should definitely be your first choice. She is the hardest-hitting yellow innate in the entire Chrono Cross. Besides, her dual tech with draggy is one of the finest and strongest combos in the game. Having her at your party can be greatly beneficial.

16. Funguy

Funguy as the name says it all is basically a meme character in Chrono Cross. Although he has some quite impressive strength and high HP, he is still an outclassed character. Due to his weak magic defense, Funguy can be easily defeated by the other characters.

17. Sneff

Well, Sneff is certainly not a choice for the B Tier list. Yet we have considered him for some of his abilities that many players find quite entertaining. However, if you are planning to make a strong and serious party, Sneff is not the character you might want to go for.

Chrono Cross: C Tier List

1. Poshul

Poshul is the first recruitable character you will have in Chrono Cross. It is in fact a cute-looking big pink-colored dog with certainly some new tricks up its sleeve. Although it can be easily defeated by any yellow innate hard hitter, it still comes useful in your early days.

2. Macha

Macha, another character coming from the red innates. Unlike Kid or Draggy, Macha certainly has higher damage output. However, her downfall comes as she suffers from fragility. Despite all that significant damage output, Macha lacks the overall usefulness or a red innate.

3. Turnip

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Just like the name sounds like that of a vegetable, it is actually a small vegetable but one with existential thoughts. Turnip spends most of its time thinking about the purpose of its existence. It is found by Poshul deep under the ground. Turnip has quite a great amount of strength. However, it is no good at anything else other than strength.

4. Starky

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Here comes another interesting one. Starky is an alien from an unknown planet who finds himself stuck in El Nido just after his UFO crashed. It is a white character that possesses the ability to deal massive damage. Moreover, Starky also has an AOE level 5 tech.

5. Mel

Just now we have seen Macha. And Mel is the daughter of Macha who is specifically known for her mood. Mel unlike any other character does not possess any special skill that could help in a battle. However, Mel’s true identity is hidden behind her true skill of stealing. So, if you want more like a stealing party, Mel is one of your top picks.

6. Korcha

Korcha is a young boy who wields a small element grid. He is basically a ferryman in Guldov. He is an average decent character in the game who is highly firm about his beliefs and lives on his principles.

7. Luccia

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Just like Korcha, Luccia has a large element grid and nothing more to offer. In general, Luccia is a scientist of the Acacia Dragoons. She has some interesting stories in the later parts of the game.

Chrono Cross: D Tier List

1. Van

Coming to our last tier characters on Chrono Cross, we have Van, a young and sarcastic artist. Van is often deluded by the thoughts of his current life. He does not possess any unique or specific powers. He is just another average guy who you might not consider of enough value to keep in your party.

2. Pierre

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Pierre is another character of some interest who have a specific goal in his mind. For the starter, he guides Serge to Viper Manor and hence does an important job in the game. Apart from that, Pierre requires a particular setup with which he can become of great use in battles. However, without the setup, he is pretty much a common powerless man. Pierre always wants others to acknowledge him as a reliable hero someday.

3. Doc

Doc is a white innate, a village physician who cures the people in Guldov with his utter dedication. He is a very balanced character and certainly possesses a trick or two that might be helpful. However, compared to the stats of the other white innates, Doc has nothing special on his sleeve. In fact, he seems more like a weakling.

4. NeoFio

Like turnip, this time we have a living plant called NeoFio. It was created by Luccia with the help of Life Sparkle. There is nothing special about NeoFio and probably no specific reason to add her to your party.

5. Pip

Finally, coming to the last character of Chrono Cross on our list, we have Pip, another lab experiment of Luccia. Giving you some hopes from the D-tier as well, Pip comes with bugged mechanics. This fault helps in the transformation of pip into either a devil or an angel (if lucky). While the devil specializes in damaging values, the angel focuses on offering support.


Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers edition is definitely the best game among all the editions of Chrono Cross. As we know, the game comes with awesome life sciences, here were all the characters present in the game. You can make your desired party by recruiting the characters with better abilities for the job. As each character possess some unique features, let us know about your favorite character in Chrono Cross.

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