How To Delete Corrupted Data On PS5

PlayStation is an amazing game console where you can play high-quality games with amazing controls. Although all these games require high-quality processing, Microsoft invested heavily while launching PS5. Now, PS5 can play very high-quality graphics-intensive games, connecting with different players all around the globe. But you might face issues while playing or launching games due to technical glitches.

This usually happens due to corrupted data on your PS5 and can lead to more problems, such as PS5 not working, lagging, connectivity issues, and game launching issues. Although PS5 has internal mechanisms preventing the data from getting corrupted, there will still be some instances where you manually delete corrupted data on PS5.

How To Delete Corrupted Data On PS5

Why is PS5 game data is corrupted?

Your Playstation data do not get corrupted easily, but due to storage issue or software glitches, the data can get corrupted. But due to data getting corrupted for your favorite games, you will lose the saved game progress and have to start them again. This can be a very frustrating experience, so make sure you only keep games that you play regularly and remove the ones which you don’t play at all.

Also, keep in mind that your PS5 internal SSD has a limited amount of storage, usually 512 GB or 1TB in space. This is ideal for meeting 3-4 games at once. Keeping more than 4-5 game titles will slow down your PS5 and will eat up all the available storage space causing the data to be corrupted.

How To Delete Corrupted Data On PS5

Your Playstation has multiple games installed on it, and currently, there is no way to delete all the data at once. But you can delete the corrupted data of a particle game by following the steps below.

Select the gear icon on the top right of your home screen and select Storage.

Then select Console storage and go to Games and Apps.

How To Delete Corrupted Data On PS5

You will see a list of installed games and applications. Find the game having issues and delete its contents.

Once you have deleted the game data, you can reinstall the game from the PlayStation store.


Although the best way to avoid any minor issues on your PS5 is to reboot your PS5, rebooting will solve the issue of corrupted data and cache. If not, you can follow the above methods to check and delete corrupted data. But before doing so, take a backup of your game process because they might get lost when you delete the corrupted data. For any further questions, feel free to comment down below.

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