How to Fix Mac Error Code -50 When Copy Or Move Files

We all know that Mac is one of the most reputed computer operating systems in the world with a huge user base. But this doesn’t mean that a person using Mac cannot encounter any issue. Recently, many people have claimed that they came across the Mac Error Code -50 while attempting to copy or move files in their system. The problem can occur due to several reasons, including a temporary file stuck in a limbo state, bad file metadata, NVRAM and PRAM data issues, problems in drive files, OS firmware glitch, or drive is formatted to the wrong file type.

Now you are aware of the issues, and it is time to solve them. Keep reading to know how to fix Mac Error Code -50 that you get while copying or moving files.

Mac Error

Fixing Mac Error Code -50

There are several things that you can do to solve the issue. However, we will begin with the simple ones and go to more complex ones later. Keep reading to know about them.

Reboot Your Mac System

Restart Mac - Error Code -50

This is the most basic solution to begin with before trying anything that is complex. If the error is caused because of a file that’s stuck in a limbo state, then this method will solve your problem. The reboot will help in cleaning the temp folder and the issue will be resolved.

Power-cycling Procedure

If the reboot doesn’t work for you, then the problem is in the type of temp file you are dealing with. This issue can be solved by forcing a power cycle procedure. The method will force the operating system to remove every temp file related issue. To force a power-cycling procedure, follow the below given steps:

Power Cycle - Error Code -50

  • First and foremost, remove any external drive or USB flash drive connected to your Mac system. Then, click on the Apple icon on the left-top corner of your system.
  • Tap on Shut Down from the menu.
  • Now you need to wait until the procedure is complete. After that, unplug the power cable from the power outlet. This will help in draining the power capacitors.
  • Finally, restart the computer and try copying or moving the files again.

If the Error Code -50 still appears, then move on to the next step.

Rename The File

Another reason behind you facing the Error Code -50 might be because of bad file metadata. You can counter this issue by renaming the file and changing its extension. If the procedure works, then you can restore the previous name and extension by changing them again.

If you are still facing the error, then move to the next fix.

Reset NVRAM and PRAM

Well, if any of the above methods haven’t worked for you, then it may be because the issue is deep-rooted in NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory) or PRAM (Parameter RAM). To solve the Error Code -50, you need to reset them both.

  • Begin by shutting down your Mac system.
  • As soon as you power it on, press Option + Command + P + R together for about 20 seconds.
  • Now, listen to the startup sounds and as soon as you hear the second one, release all four keys at once. The Apple logo will disappear.
  • Finally, restart the system and try copying or moving the files again.

Run The First Aid Feature

First Aid - Error Code -50

Sometimes the reason behind Mac Error Code -50 is the corrupted drive files. This usually happens when you try copying or moving files from an external hard drive. In order to solve it, you need to use the First Aid feature in Disk Utility section. Keep reading to know more about it in detail:

  • Open the Finder app and tap on the Go button located in the top bar.
  • Now, look for Utilities in the menu, and then tap on it.
  • Inside Utilities, look for Disk Utility. Once you find it, click on it.
  • In Disk Utility, you will find Boot drive option on the left-hand side. Click on it.
  • After that, you will see a First Aid option at the top of the screen.
  • Once you click on it, a confirmation prompt will appear. Click on Run to begin the process.
  • After completion, you can repeat the process for all the connected external devices.
  • Finally, restart your Mac system, and try copying or moving the files again.

Wrap Up

I hope that the above-mentioned methods helped you in getting rid of Mac Error Code -50. If the problem still persists, then use Reimage Repair Tool, which will help in replacing corrupt files. It will also help in optimizing your Mac system.

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