How to fix the missing OEM Unlock button on any Samsung Galaxy Device

You can find this option called “OEM Unlock” on any Android device with a 5.0 or above version. This option allows you to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone. You can get access to many additional features on your Android phone by toggling the OEM Unlock button. After toggling the OEM Unlock button, you can root your device, add custom ROMs, modify the kernel version, etc.

You won’t be able to access these features without Unlocking the bootloader of your Android phone so it means that it is necessary to unlock the bootloader of any Android phone.

Generally, this OEM Unlock button can be found in the developer options under system settings on your Android phone. If you are not able to find developer options in the system settings of your Android phone then you should follow the steps given below to add developer options in the settings of your Android phones.

How to access Developer options under Settings on your Android phone?

The steps to unlock developer options under settings on your Android phone are mentioned below:-

1- Go to the system settings on your Android phone.
2- Scroll down to the last and select the About Device option.
3- There you will see information about your device. Just keep on tapping the build number on the system settings of your Android phone several times.
4- After some clicks, you will get a pop-up saying, “You are now a developer”. After that, you will be able to see the developer options under your settings.

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This was a quick tutorial on Unlocking developer options on your Android phone. Now it is time to move back to the main topic.

Many Samsung Galaxy users have experienced an issue in which they are unable to find the OEM Unlock toggle under their settings. You can also find this by following the method provided above. If you too are unable to find the OEM Unlock toggle under developer options then you are running with the same problem but there is no need to worry about it. There is a fix for this problem. Today, we will be guiding you to fix the “Disappearance of OEM Unlock Toggle” on your Samsung devices. Let’s quickly get started with the tutorial.

Steps to Fix “ Missing OEM Unlock button ” on your Samsung Galaxy device

1- Go to the menu and open the system settings on your Samsung devices.
2- Under System settings, head over to the General management and then choose Date and time.
3- Ensure that Automatic date and time is turned off. If it is turned on both then make sure to turn it off.
4- You will notice that a few more options will appear. Now, click on the “Select Date” option and choose any random date from the last month.
5- Go back to the system settings menu and now you have to go to the System information (About Device). You can get this option at the end of the system settings.
6- Now, you have to tap 7 times on the Build number to be a developer. (Ignore if in case you are already a developer).
7- Once you have got the developer options, head over to those options and you will find an “Auto-update system” option. It will be turned on and you have to turn it off. Just ignore if any error appears on your screen.
8- Also unlock the option called “Download updates automatically”.
9- You will also find an option called “Download updates manually”. Enable this option and you might also get any error but all you have to do is ignore it.
10- The last step is to Reboot your Samsung device and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Once you reboot the device, visit the system settings again and you will find that your problem is now solved. You will find the OEM unlock Toggle under the developer options and now by enabling this option, you will be able to Root your device. flash custom ROMs, install a custom recovery, modify the kernel, etc. You will be able to do all of these things easily without any hassle.

This method works on almost all Samsung devices flawlessly without any hassle. If you still can’t find the OEM unlock Toggle under the developer option even after following all the steps, then you are requested to follow all the steps again and again until the result comes out to be successful. Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned in the guide properly in order to make your efforts succeed.


  1. Don’t have the option of manual download update SM A600 A or the auto just check for updates so it will not work on my phone

  2. Hey, I had removed my system OS and now while flashing device it show get failed……plzzz tell me how unlock oem bootloader in download mode or without using system setting

      1. Yeah, on both my Galaxy A21S, and my A32’s(2 of them). It doesn’t show up on either after trying these steps all night/morning. X.x

  3. No OEM unlock option after trying to follow these instructions. There is no “download updates automatically” option. Ugh. Samsung Galaxy s10e

    1. You won’t be able to I have one too from Metro they are special models only they cab only be used with the carrier they were purchased from.

    2. A505f Kolay gelsin hocalarım telefon kendi kendine Samsung yazısında kaldı revovery kullanamıyor bende Odin ile stock rom attı
      ​Şuan telefon sadece download moduna tek giriyor başka hiçbir şey açılmıyor OEM kilidi ve frp kapalı

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