Bad_Module_Info Fortnite Error: Fix Bad Module Info has Stopped Working?

Fortnite has become the most popular gaming application soon after its launch in 2017. It has various graphics options which can optimize according to the need and requirements of system properties. This game is capable of running at a low user end as well as it performs well to go in the above direction associated with graphics. The users increase for any game, the errors, and issues raised by many of them.

There are several issues involved with the Fortnite game, and most of the concerned issue is having the ‘Bad Module Info has Stopped Working’ on your game screen. Some of the users claimed that they are getting ‘Bad_Module_Info Fortnite Error’ while they already configure the graphics at the optimum level according to the system requirements. Below, some of the reliable solutions mentioned getting rid of this kind of issue.

Bad_Module_Info Fortnite Error: Fix Bad Module Info has Stopped Working?

Fortnite Bad Module Info Error and its causes:

The ‘Bad_Module_Info’ error is a crashing error you may see on your Fortnite gameplay. The game suddenly falls to crash, and the cause of this will remain undetermined. This error generally occurs due to less obvious reasons. Some unknown reasons may affect your gameplay and get it into the crash, these are:

Graphics interface:

This is the primary cause of getting any crash error, but sometimes the correct configuration also leads you to have a crashed error.


No full-screen optimization: This optimization might have the root cause for your crash error. Disabling this will get the solution for this error.

Game bar:

The game bar also causes the errors for your game. A disabled game bar is also the cause of crash failure in Fortnite as seen that the enabling has resolved the crash issue.

Administrative right:

Lack of administrative privileges will lead you to have a game crash error due to a lack of rights to configure some of its features.


Missing files:

Some of the useful data might be missing from your gameplay settings. If you are getting the crash error, this is the most common reason to find to solve the issue for many users.

Compatibility: Check the compatibility of your system as running the high configured game in the less compatible system may cause crash errors.

Fixing “Bad Module Info has Stopped Working”:

If you are one of the game users who are getting “Bad_Module_Info Fortnite Error,” then you need to fix this kind of error by following one of these methods mentioned below. All the techniques here are reliable and extensively used by many users.

Providing Administrative Rights:

Providing admin rights to the gameplay will be leading the gaming interface to access the complete system configuration. This privilege will allow your game to configure itself with your system settings when you install the game. Follow these steps to provide administrative opportunities:

  • Find the game installation folder
  • Right–Click on the “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping”
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click on “Compatibility” tab
  • Check the “Run as Administrator” box and click on “Apply. “
  • Do the same with the “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping-BE”, “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping-EAC”, and “FortniteLauncher.exe.”

Run the game and check the issue. If the error is still there, then you may proceed to the next approach.

Verify Game Files Integrity:

This is very necessary to identify the game files. You may find the missing or corrupted files that are causing the crashing error in your game. Verify the integrity of the game files through the Epic Games Client by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Epic Games Client account.
  • Click on the ‘Library’ on the left panel.
  • Click on the “gear icon.”
  • Hit the “Launch” option
  • Select “Verify” and the game will scan the game files

Select ‘finish’ once the verification process gets over. Now try to run your game as admin and see if the issue persists. If the error is still there, then you may check the next procedure.

Change Screen Optimizations:

The full-screen optimization feature will help the Windows to improve the application graphics quality. Sometimes getting a full screen may cause the FPS drop or even the game crash. You may disable the full-screen optimization feature for your Fortnite gameplay if you are facing the crash error in the game. Follow the steps to disable this feature:

  • Locate the Fortnite’s executable file
  • Right-click the file and open the ‘property’ option
  • Navigate to the ‘Compatibility’ tab
  • Check the box next to the ‘Disable full-screen optimizations’
  • Confirm the pop-up by hitting ‘Yes.’

Repeat the same process for the launcher and check if the problem did not solve. If the issue persists, then check the next mentioned method.

Change Compatibility Settings:

You can use the compatibility run for any application in case your Windows operating system interfering with some aspects of the game. Follow the steps to run your game in compatibility mode.

  • Head towards the game installation folder
  • Right-Click the ‘FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping’
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Click the ‘Compatibility’ tab from the context menu
  • Check the box associated with ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’
  • Click on the dropdown and select ‘Windows.’
  • Click on ‘Apply’ and then on ‘OK.’
  • Similarly, go for activating the compatibility mode for “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping-BE”, “FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping-EAC”, and “FortniteLauncher.exe.”
  • Now run the game and check to see if the issue persists.

Turn on the Game Bar:

This method is compatible only with Windows 10. It improves game performance, which enables the crash-free to run for a more extended period. The process is straightforward, and you need to follow these mentioned steps to turn on the Game bar:

  • Locate the Fortnite’s main executable file
  • Double-clicking and enter into the game
  • Press ‘Windows Key + G’ button to initiate Game Bar
  • Select ‘Yes’ to open the game bar
  • Click the cog button for getting into the Game bar settings
  • Check the box next to the ‘Remember this game,’ under the general section
  • Exit the settings and check the issue. It might solve now.
  • If the game bar option not enabled in you Windows 10, then you have to enable this option before going through this procedure
  • Press ‘Windows Key + I’ to open Settings
  • Locate and open the “Gaming” sub-entry
  • Go to the Game bar tab
  • Check the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar option
  • Put them at ‘On’ and exit from ‘Settings’ menu
  • Now, head to the process which implies in your gameplay.

If you are the one who is getting the error of ‘Bad_Module_Infor” in your Fortnite gameplay, then these procedures mentioned above will lead you to find the solution. There are also many other ways that you can apply to get rid of this crash issue. You need to identify the cause before getting into the solution.

The most common procedure for eliminating the crash error is the update of graphics card drivers. You can find the updates automatically by proceeding to the display and adapter settings in the device manager. If you have installed the latest graphics drivers, then one of the methods mentioned above will work to fix the ‘Bad Module Info has Stopped Working’ error in Fortnite. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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