Pokémon GO: Garchomp Best Movesets, Weakness and Counters

Garchomp is another exciting Pokémon out there in Pokémon Go. It has Dragon Tail and Outrage as its best movesets when it attacks the Pokémons in the Gyms. Garchomp’s moves combinations have the highest of the total DPS, and his best moveset has the most PVP battles.

As most of the Pokémon Go players are interested in the best movesets of this Pokemon, so to help them out, we have brought this guide. Let’s get started.

Pokemon GO: Garchomp Best Movesets, Weakness and Counters

Garchomp Best Movesets

Here is some more detail about his offense and defense:

  • Offense:
    • Dragon Tail: 16.4 DPS
    • Outrage: 33.8 DPS
  • Defense:
    • Dragon Tail: 16.4 DPS
    • Outrage: 33.8 DPS

Garchomp Weakness and Resistances

Garchomp is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon. Its weakness and resistances are listed below:

  • Weakness:
    • Ice: Gives 256% damage
    • Dragon: Gives 160% damage
    • Fairy: Gives 160% damage
  • Resistances:
    • Electric: Gives 24% damage
    • Poison: Gives 63% damage
    • Fire: Gives 63% damage
    • Rock: Gives 63% damage

Garchomp Evolution

Players can find three Pokémon in the Gible family. Gabite costs 100 candy, and it will help for evolving Garchomp. It has some very fine scales on his body. Not only these scales help him to injure his opponents, but it also reduces the wind resistance. The max CP of Garchomp is 3952.

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