Can You Increase the Diablo 4 Inventory Size?

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set to be released in 2023, and the beta version is out now. The game promises to offer an immersive gameplay experience with a captivating storyline that will keep players engaged for hours on end. As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect a lot of items that you keep in your inventory. Players have been wondering if there are any improvements to the inventory in Diablo 4, which is what we’re here to find out. In this guide, we will take you through whether you can increase the Inventory Size in Diablo 4.

Gamers around the world can anticipate with excitement the release of the long-awaited video game, Diablo 4. This highly anticipated game boasts a variety of features that will appeal to a wide range of players, regardless of their preferences. Fans of action-packed battles can look forward to thrilling combat sequences that will leave them on the edge of their seat. Meanwhile, those who prefer intricate storylines can expect to be captivated by the game’s rich narrative and immersive gameplay. Let’s find out if you can increase the Diablo 4 Inventory Size with this guide.

How to increase Inventory Size in Diablo 4

The iconic Diablo franchise has long been known for its thrilling demon-slaying gameplay, but also for the satisfying feeling of collecting loot to increase your character’s power. However, with the limited inventory size in Diablo 4, players are often left wondering if there is any way to increase it. We’ll explore the different ways you can increase your character’s inventory size in Diablo 4. Also, you can find some tips on how to make the most out of the limited inventory space you have.

Before we dive into how to increase your inventory size, let’s first take a look at the different types of inventory in Diablo 4. The character inventory is divided into four categories: Equipment, Quest, Aspects, and Consumables.

  • Equipment: Weapons, gems, and armor.
  • Quest: Quest-specific items only.
  • Aspects: Legendary aspects that have been extracted.
  • Consumables: Elixirs, crafting materials, and more.

Now that we know what the different types of inventory are, let’s talk about how to increase your inventory size.

Is is possible to upgrade inventory in Diablo 4?

As players search for the quickest ways to level up to 25 in Diablo IV, the issue of limited inventory space becomes increasingly problematic. While selling or salvaging unnecessary armor and weapon pieces can help alleviate some of the clutter, players are still often forced to choose between keeping valuable loot and discarding items that may prove useful later on.

One potential solution to this problem lies in increasing inventory space. During the Beta phase of Diablo IV, players have the opportunity to expand their inventory and create more room for critical items, gear, and loot found throughout the game’s many locations. As players progress and discover rarer, more valuable items, the need for additional inventory space becomes even more pressing.

However, the current state of inventory size in Diablo IV is far from ideal. In fact, there is currently no way to increase inventory space at all. This means that players must constantly make difficult decisions about which items to keep and which to discard, often sacrificing potentially valuable gear in the process.

Despite this limitation, there is hope that the issue of inventory space will be addressed in the future. One possible solution could be the addition of inventory rows as part of the free version of the Battle Pass, or as a Season’s Journey unlock. As soon as a solution becomes available, we will update this section to reflect the latest information.

Tips on how to save inventory space

While inventory space in Diablo 4 cannot be increased at the moment, there are several ways players can manage their inventory to clear up some much-needed space. Although resources and materials do not take up inventory slots, players must be mindful of the weapons and armor they carry, as these items are likely to fill up their inventory quickly. Hence, players should consider which items they want to keep and which ones they should get rid of by destroying or dropping them. One of the easiest ways to free up space is by salvaging items that players do not need the cosmetic for or by selling items whose stats are highly outdated in a player’s build.

In addition to these methods, players can also take advantage of the storage chest called a Stash, located in the central hub of Kyovashad. The Stash, which is close to a Wardrobe in the same building where the Blacksmith resides, provides players with a much wider range of slots than the base inventory, allowing them to store items that they want to keep for sentimental reasons. However, players should keep in mind that the number of slots in the Stash is not infinite and that they will need to spend a considerable amount of gold, 100,000 to be precise, to unlock a new slot for more items. Despite this limitation, the Stash system remains a convenient way for players to free up inventory space.


That concludes our guide on tips to save inventory space in Diablo 4. Make sure to drop items that you want to keep into your Stash. Also, don’t forget to salvage unwanted items at the Blacksmith.

You can also drop items that you don’t need on the ground. However, you will lose the chance to salvage them. Do this with caution, as this is not really a sustainable method for inventory management. In cases where players find themselves in a dungeon or an area where their inventory is full, and they receive a big legendary drop, they should quickly drop one piece of common or magic loot.

While increasing inventory space in Diablo 4 is not currently possible, players can manage their inventory effectively by following these tips. We hope that this guide helped you to increase inventory space in the game.

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