Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Players Disappear Through Walls

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are the market’s most popular first-person shooter games. Modern Warfare 2 is the 19th instalment in the COD franchise, while Warzone 2 is the free-to-play battle royale part of it. You don’t need to have bought Modern Warfare 2 to play Warzone 2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have many similarities, but now they have a strange glitch in common where players disappear through walls.

Activision released Warzone 2 about three weeks after Modern Warfare 2 on October 28th. As these games are multiplayer, some occasional bugs can bother players. You can play both of these games in their respective multiplayer modes. Modern Warfare 2 has a single-player mode where you can play alone. You’re not alone if you encounter a glitch where players disappear through walls. Here’s what we know about it.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Players Disappear Through Walls

Players are Disappearing Through Walls in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are two of the most popular titles in the gaming industry, with players still discovering new bugs and loopholes daily. Recently, players have noticed a bizarre glitch where players seem to be able to disappear through walls. This glitch has caused a stir among the gaming community, and why this is happening is still up for debate.

The new bug allows players to perform “vanishing acts” by walking, diving and jumping through walls. This happens in Al Mazrah and at least one Multiplayer map. Players are passing through areas with walls, which should not be possible. This issue is causing a lot of frustration in the community. That’s primarily due to players exploiting these loopholes to gain an unfair advantage over others.

Where are Players Disappearing?

You can see the bug in the battle royale mode of Modern Warfare 2, which has the Embassy map. Players have recently discovered a peculiar detail in the laundry room. This is located in the top corner of the map. Players can climb to the other side if they perform a dolphin dive and land in the corner of the room. Many have tried to recreate it to exploit this unusual wall bug.

Anyone chased in Al Mazrah City can take advantage of a bug in Warzone. They can back hop onto a plant, go through a wall, and disappear beneath the map. This spot is indefinitely safe, giving them an unfair advantage over other players. This is the only confirmed spot, but players have reported similar bugged locations. Reports of these other possible bugged locations have been circulating the Warzone community. Some players claim they’ve seen them, but no footage has been released to confirm the alleged locations. This has led to much speculation, with many players wondering if these spots will be patched out in the future or if they will remain a viable option to evade opponents. Either way, it’s a bug making life difficult for players trying to survive in Warzone’s dangerous Al Mazrah City.

Why is this Glitch Occurring?

The most common explanation is that the games are too large and have too many variables for the game engine to track accurately. This means that when a player moves quickly, the engine may be unable to keep up. Thus, the player will end up in a different location than where they started. Players can witness this when an opponent goes through a wall and ends up on the other side or when they appear floating in mid-air. This could also be due to the game not being able to render the environment in the same way, each time accurately. In this way, players are being able to pass through walls.

The discontent in the community regarding the frequent bugs and technical issues has been growing steadily. Some players have tried to boycott the upcoming Sledgehammer Games title due to launch later in the year. This strongly signals that players are fed up with the lack of quality control and are no longer willing to accept subpar gaming experiences. The boycott is the community’s way of sending a message to the developers, demanding better quality and more reliable performance. We still don’t know if Sledgehammer Games will respond and whether the boycott will affect the game’s release.

Nevertheless, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 fanbases eagerly anticipate the launch of Season 2, hoping it will bring much-needed fixes and improvements to the game. With the upcoming season, players are hoping for a better, more refined experience that will help to boost the game’s popularity even further. If the devs fix this glitch, players can enjoy the games without worrying about jumping through a wall or floating in mid-air.

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