How to Get Mountain Dew Skin on Modern Warfare 2

Everyone loves the Modern Warfare 2 game very much. This game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Many players are playing this game due to its thrilling gameplay. Many players are happy with all the features that it offers.

The Call Of Duty has collaborated with the most famous company Mountain Dew. They collaborated with the company and offered the users XP points, skins, and other rewards for every code they entered after buying the Mountain Dew drink.

Many players have already got a lot of points, rewards, and exclusive skins, whereas many are trying. Here we are with the guide to tell you how to get the Mountain Dew Skin in the game. With this intro, let’s get started with our article.

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How to Get Mountain Dew Skin on Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty has collaborated with Mountain Dew and offers a lot of different rewards. One of those rewards contains the Mountain Dew Skin. A lot of people are just filling in the redemption code so that they can get the skin with it. Even after a lot of tries, they were not able to do so.

Those who want to get the Mountain Dew skin or other reward points will have first to buy the Mountain Dew cold drink. Once they have bought it, then they will have to find the redemption code which will be available in the different locations for the different drinks that they will buy. If you have bought the bottle, then you will find the code in the Cap, similarly, you will have to look for the instructions for finding the code on different types of bottles.

Modern Warfare 2

Once you have got the redeem code, then you will have to visit the Mountain Dew gaming website where you will have to write the code that is available on the bottle. When you are writing the code, then make sure that you are having your Activision account linked on the Mountain Dew gaming website.

After linking, write the code and redeem it. When you click on the redeem button, you will know what reward you have gotten. After it, open the game and claim them.

This was the procedure for redemption through the code. The reward point will be based on the code that they have got. If the code they got contains the Mountain Dew skin, you will get it in your inventory. This all will depend on your luck. Keep trying to get the Mountain Dew skin in the Modern Warfare 2 game.


Players love the Modern Warfare 2 game, only because it is a first-person shooter game and comes with different modes. The game has become more interesting for users after the offer of Mountain Dew.

A lot of players are redeeming a lot of reward points through its help. If you also want the rewards, redeem them through the mentioned steps. This was all for this guide. If you have any doubts, then feel free to contact us.

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