Download OxygenOS ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1 with Pie [Ported]

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the first device from the Xiaomi which brings the Android One to their smartphone lineup. You might have heard of the OnePlus device which is running based on OxygenOS which makes the device much faster and gives you the stock experience. Well, today we have a good news, now you can enjoy the OxygenOS ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1 based on Android 9.0 Pie. Thanks to the XDA Recognized developer erfanoabdi for sharing the OxygenOS on XDA forum. Also full credits to developing this fastest stock experience ROM from OxygenOS v9.0.3 with GSI treble inbuilt.

This ROM is still in beta and we don’t recommend you to use this as a daily driver. If you are a flasholic and want to see the development of this ROM, then you can flash the OxygenOS ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1. Before flashing, make sure to check the list of what’s working and not working.

Download OxygenOS ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1 with Pie [Ported]

What is OxygenOS ROM?

OxygenOS is the customized version of the Android OS developed by Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus exclusively for their smartphones. OxygenOS was developed for their global market and there is also another version of the OS designed specifically for the Chinese home market called HydrogenOS. The ROM first started by the base of Android OS called Android Lollipop, and till the Pie release, the company has kept it completely free of bloat and unnecessary features.

Phone calls: Working.
Mobile Data: Working.
SMS: Working.
Dual SIM: Working.
Dual Volte: Working.

Fingerprint is Working.

2.4G/5G : Working.
Hotspot: Not Working.
Hidden SSID: Working.
Miracast: Need to check.




All sensors are Working.

Video Playback: Working.
Hardware decoder: Working.

Oneplus native camera: Few features are broken.
MIUI Camera port: Not working–Pending.
Workaround: Use GCAM port.

Oneplus AOD: broken. — Ours Not an AOD display.

Recording: Working.
Playback: Working.
Oneplus Audio Tuner: Not working–Pending.
Workaround: Use Viper4android or any other if u need. 

Note: After encryption, device reboots back to recovery. Just reboot to system.

Not Working — Due to the absence of Three-way Switch/Alert Slider.
Workaround: Use third-party app/widget.

Oneplus native face unlock: broken.
Workaround: Use Google trusted face for those who need. Flash the patch listed below to get IR camera working. 
Note: 1. Flashing the patch breaks Torch Tile. Use third-party flashlight app to get it working. –Pending.
2. Don’t try to use Oneplus face unlock. This will override Google trusted app in Smart Lock options.

DTWP: Working.
Screen Off Gestures: Not working. Our touch firmware doesn’t support native on screen off gestures except for DT2W as of now.
Patched few optimizations needed for OOS from OP6 kernel.
Note: Flashing other kernels will break dtwp and optimizations added. Don’t report any issues if any., in case u flash any other kernel, even though it works.

– Maybe a few.


Download OxygenOS ROM

Steps to Install OxygenOS ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1

How do I install OxygenOS port on my Mi A1? Well, don’t worry! Here we will guide how exactly you can flash and enjoy OnePlus OxygenOS ROM on Mi A1.


Instructions to Install:

  1. If you have the latest TWRP Recovery on your phone, then download the OxygenOS zip file from above download area.
  2. Make sure that you have already on Treble ROM, if not, read the steps here on how to treblelize your Mi A1
  3. Now reboot your phone into TWRP Recovery and Swipe Allow Modifications (Appears for the first time only)
  4. Now boot into you are in TWRP Recovery, make sure to take a complete backup of stock or custom ROM using TWRP.
  5. Flash SHRP Recovery from TWRP Recovery
  6. Boot into SHRP Recovery and wipe the System, Cache, Data and Vendor before flashing the OxygenOS on Xiaomi Mi A1.
  7. To Wipe data: Go to Wipe —> Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik/ART cache, cache, and Data and then swipe to wipe. [su_note note_color=”#fef0ef” text_color=”#000000″]Warning: Make sure not to select Internal storage[/su_note]
  8. Now you can install the OxygenOS flashable zip file in TWRP: Install -> Install Zip -> select the zip file from 
  9. That’s it! Reboot and enjoy!

I hope this guide was quite easy to flash and enjoy the OxygenOS ROM on Xiaomi Mi A1. If you still have trouble to install, then head over to the thread in XDA about the same OxygenOS ROM and report your issue.

Source: XDA | Credits to erfanoabdi

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