Fix: Paramount Plus Black Screen Issue

Paramount Plus is the successor to CBS All Access. So if you’ve had that in the past, maybe you’re a subscriber already. You should notice that that app, on whatever device you’re using to watch it, will switch over today automatically to the Paramount Plus app. So it’s basically a one-to-one switch.

But, the Paramount Plus is not one hundred percent perfect service as it has some flaws that need to be fixed. For example, recently, some users started complaining that Paramount Plus started showing a black screen error. Well, the reason behind that issue is still a matter to talk about. But still, after investigating, our tech team finally got some workaround that has the potential to fix the black screen issue.

So, in the case from the past couple of days, you are also getting frustrated because of this error, then make sure to perform each fix that we have mentioned in this article until you get the perfect one for you. So, let’s get started with them.

Fix: Paramount Plus Black Screen Issue

How To Fix Paramount Plus Black Screen Issue

So, here are some fixes that for sure help you fix the Paramount Plus black screen issue. Therefore, make sure to follow them carefully.

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

There are chances that the black screen error occurs due to some random bugs and glitches. So, to fix this error, you can simply reboot your device. Well, rebooting your device is not just remove these bugs but also gives your device a fresh new start to function properly.



Many users previously claimed that the issue gets automatically fixed just after rebooting their device; therefore, you must also do it.

Fix 2: Check For Pending Update

Another prime reason behind this error is pending updates. There are higher possibilities that you are using an older version of the Paramount Plus app, which is why you are getting this error. We always ignore the regular minor updates because we think that these updates will do nothing.

But, this is not true as these minor updates rolled out by the developers in order to fix the minor bugs that the application has. So, we suggest you keep your paramount application up-to-date. 

Fix 3: Check The Server Status

Did you check the Paramount Plus servers that whether the servers are working or not? Well, it is seen in many cases that developers down the servers for maintenance purposes, due to which these kinds of problems are common.

So, it is always recommended to check the DownDetector website in order to make sure that there are other users worldwide who reported the same issue. Also, don’t forget to follow Paramount on their official Twitter handle because they regularly update their users if there is anything going on with their servers or application.

Fix 4: Relogin To Your Paramount Plus 

It is possible that your account may have any problem or either may get suspended due to which you are getting the black screen issue while watching your favorite program. So, to make sure that your account is working properly, you can try re-login to your Paramount Plus account.

So to do so, first log out on your device and then again use your credentials login into it. Then, try to play the same content that you played previously and get the black screen error. However, this time you’ll see that the issue gets fixed, and now you are able to watch your content without any error. 

Fix 5: Turn Off VPN 

If you are using a VPN service to access other regions’ content easily on your Paramount Plus, then sometimes the servers may block your IP address, and you are started getting this kind of error. So, it is a suggestion to disable the VPN service and check if the issue is occurring due to your VPN service or not. 

Fix 6: Check Your Internet Connection

Did you check if your network connection is working properly or not? If not, then my friend, you must have to do it first because we all know that this is totally an online-based service and to enjoy your favorite content, you just need to have an excellent and stable internet connection. So, you can simply hover over to the Ookla Speed tester website and check if your WiFi connection provides you with a good speed or not.

However, in case it fails to do so, then I’ll personally suggest you power cycle your router and modem. So, to do this, you have to turn off the power button and plug out all the cords from your router. Thereafter, wait for around 30-40 seconds and then plug in all the cables to their appropriate place.

Then, turn on the switch and wait until all the lights start blinking. Once done, go to the Ookla website again and recheck your connection speed. 

Fix 7: Try Streaming Paramount On Different Device

It is possible that the error may occur on your device only; therefore, to clear that, you can simply log in to another device using your Paramount Plus account credentials. Thereafter, play the same content that you are playing on your previous device.

If there is no black screen issue on your new device, then it clearly means that the device you are using previously may not support the file format you are trying to play.  

Fix 8: Check Your HDMI Cable

A faulty HDMI cable is another reason behind this type of issue. So, it is very crucial to thoroughly check the HDMI cable and verify if there is any cut that occurs in the cable. After that, if you find something inappropriate while investigating your HDMI cable, then my suggestion is to replace the cable and then check if you are still facing the black screen issue or not. 

Fix 9: Update Your System Software

No matter on which device you owns to run the Paramount Plus app until you keep your system software up-to-date. Many of us don’t know the importance of system updates, which is why we always ignore them, resulting in this kind of error. So, it is suggested to check and, if available, then update your device’s OS. 

Fix 10: Reinstall The Paramount App

Regrettably, if none of the methods mentioned earlier in this guide helped you. Then, you have to reinstall the Paramount application on your device. This is because it is possible that on your device, some files of your Paramount Plus application get damaged or corrupted or missing, due to which you are getting the errors like black screen issues.

So, in that case, reinstalling is the best choice to fix those corrupted files. Therefore, to reinstall your Paramount application, you first need to uninstall the existing one because you won’t be able to install the new one until you do this. 

Fix 11: Contact To Support Team

Finally, if you are still getting the error even after reinstalling the application, then the last option is to contact the support desk. Yes, you heard it right! I suggest you contact the support team and explain how frequently you are getting this error and ask them to help you fix it. 

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From Author’s Desk

So, that’s all on methods to fix if Paramount Plus is showing a black screen issue while watching your favorite content. We hope that this guide helped you. I would relish your comments if you have any questions after that. 


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