PS5 Captures Not Showing Up in App, How to Fix?

Capturing your best gaming moments always feels great, and sharing it with your gaming folks makes it even more pleasing. In early 2022, PlayStation introduced one of the most awaited features on the PS App, which is Capture. It lets users see the recorded gameplay and captured screenshots directly from the PS App. It sounds super exciting, but some folks are struggling with the PS App as they can’t access their recorded videos and screenshots from the app. If you are also facing the same issue, keep reading this guide as we’ll walk you through some easy solutions to fix the problem quickly.

PS5 Captures not showing up in app

The Capture feature on the PS App is extremely useful for PlayStation gamers as they can easily access to their recorded gameplay and screenshots via the app without digging up the console’s storage. Not just it, the PS App makes it easy to change settings on the PS console. So, you do not have to go to the website each time.

Before you jump in and start recording your best gameplays, you must enable the Auto-Uploaded option on your PS5 console. Only then the recorded gameplays and screenshots will be uploaded to the PS’s server. You also have to enable the Capture feature on the app to take advantage of it. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry; we’ve mentioned the steps below.

You can enable Auto-Upload on your PS5 console by going to the console’s Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Capture and turning on Auto-Upload. Next up is to enable Captures. For this, go to Library > Captures and click Enable.

Now that you have enabled Auto-Upload and Captures on the PS App, here are a few important points you need to keep in mind before recording your next exciting gaming moment:

  1. The maximum length of the gameplay should be up to 3 minutes. Otherwise, it won’t be uploaded.
  2. Your PS5 console must be linked to the PS App.
  3. Your captures are saved for 14 days. Make sure to download or share them before they are removed from the server.

To view game captures on the PS App, open the app on your phone and click Game Library. Next, select Captures at the top. All the uploaded captures should now appear on your screen. To download them on your phone’s storage, tap on the game capture and click the download icon.

Things to Do if PS5 Captures Are Not Showing Up in the PS APP

If you can’t find your PS5 Captures in the PS App, here are a few workarounds that should fix the issue.

1. Enable “Connected to the Internet”

Your saved captures will upload on the PlayStation’s server only if you have turned on the Connected to the Internet setting. Turn on this setting from the PS App so that the console can upload your gameplays and screenshots to the server, which you can access later.

2. Leave Your Console in Rest Mode

Enabling the Connected to the Internet setting is not enough for the captures to automatically upload on the server. You must leave the console in Rest Mode. While your console is in the Rest Mode, the device will upload Captures on the server.

To put your PS5 console in rest mode, press the PS button on the DualSense controller and scroll to the right to view power options. Select Enter rest mode.

I hope this guide was useful to you. Even after changing the recommended settings, if PS5 Captures are not showing up in the app, try uninstalling and installing the PS App again and then link it to your PS5 console.

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