Roblox My Hero Mania Codes List (July 2022)

My Hero Mania is probably one of the best games on Roblox, based on a famous anime game. But, do you know? There are a lot of My Hero Mania codes that you can redeem to get free things for your character and participate in quests. However, your quest participation is vital because it helps you level up fast in the game. Meanwhile, we have gathered the latest spin codes for July 2022 for you. So, that using them, you can level up quickly and increase your powers.

With all these codes, you will be able to unlock all your superpowers related to your character. In the meantime, we will update you with additional codes once they are released, but you need to be sure that you redeem them all as soon as possible because we never know when they will expire! All codes are tried and tested, so there are no troublesome with the codes. So, let’s look over the My hero mania code list.

Roblox My Hero Mania Codes List (May 2021)

My Hero Mania Roblox Codes(July 2022)

Here are some of the latest codes that you can use in-game to get more and more spins to unlock free things for your hero mania character. But, keep in mind to redeem them all before they get expired.

New Added Codes in July 2022:

  1. 230kcode! – Redeem this code and claim 5 spins!
  2. zi170k – Redeem this code and claim free spins!
  3. thank220k – Redeem this code and claim free spins!
  4. theultra190k – Redeem this code and claim free spins!
  5. spinner180k – Redeem this code and claim 5 free spins!
  6. 160ktux – Redeem this code and claim 5 free spins!

Active Codes:

  1. letsgo150k – Redeem this code and claim five free spins
  2. ultra140k – Redeem this code and claim five free spins
  3. big130k – Redeem this code and claim five free Spins
  4. plus120k! – Redeem this code and claim five free Spins
  5. 110kcodeyay – Redeem this code and claim five Spins
  6. likereward1 – Redeem this code and claim two free Spins

Expired Codes:

  • the100k – Redeem this code and claim ten free Spins
  • FirstCode! – Redeem this code and claim five free Spins
  • its90k! – Redeem this code and claim six Spins
  • 80kcode! – Redeem this code and claim five free Spins
  • 70kalready – Redeem this code and claim two free Spins

Till now, there are no expired codes in the game. But, it would help if you remembered to use all these new codes as soon as possible as this code may get expired. Also, bookmark this article because whenever any code gets expired or added, we will notify you right here.

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How to use these codes

To use these codes, you have first to start the game and press the M key to open the menu. Then, enter the code you like into the text box on the left side of your computer screen. If the code is correct, then you will receive some free spins. Further, you can use the spins to unlock the free things and special powers for your Roblox My Hero Mania character. But remember to copy-paste the code from this article so that there will be fewer chances of a mistake than entering the code manually.

Where to get extra My Hero Mania codes

Roblox My Hero Mania

You can check out the codes directly from the developer’s official social media pages, especially on Twitter, as the first release them on their Twitter handle. However, if you are looking for additional My Hero Mania codes. Then currently, there is no such code available. Once they are live, we will notify you.

If you don’t know, then whenever the Roblox game reaches its likes milestone. Developers release new codes and other special beneficial events as a reward for their users. However, if you don’t want to miss them, then you must follow their developer’s pages on social media.

Key Outlooks


There are many powers available in the My Hero Mania, which range from Common to Legendary. So, redeeming these codes will help you to get them. You can rely on the codes that we have mentioned above. That’s all we have for you on the Roblox My Hero Mania codes list (July 2022). We hope this guide helped you redeeming all the available codes. Furthermore, if you have any doubt and query use our comment box. We will be happy to help you. You can also visit our website regularly to get yourself updated with the gaming world.


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