SnowRunner All Vehicle Locations in All Regions – Michigan, Alaska, Taymyr

SnowRunner is one of the open-world driving simulation video games that offer almost 40 powerful vehicles from different brands in order to run on extreme conditions and win the mission. Saber Interactive has developed this game and Focus Home Interactive has released this game on April 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Windows platforms. As most of the players have to drive cars in off-road conditions, it’s quite hard to find out SnowRunner All-Vehicle Locations in All Regions. Here we’ve shared a brief guide on it.

Starting off the map, SnowRunner has three major regions in the map like Michigan (USA), Alaska (USA), Taymyr (Russia). Michigan USA has four locations such as Black River, Drummond Island, Smithville Dam, Island Lake. While Alaska also has four locations such as Pedro Bay, Mountain River, North Port, White Valley. Finally, Taymyr has also three locations like Drowned Lands, Quarry, Zimnegorsk. Additionally, the Winter Region will also gonna release very soon.

SnowRunner All-Vehicle Locations in All Regions – Michigan, Alaska, Taymyr

So, here we’ve shared a brief idea where you will find the vehicles in all of the locations under a region in the SnowRunner game. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

1. Black River (Michigan, USA)

  • Chevrolet CK1500 (Bottom left side of the map)
  • GMC MH9500 (Mid left of the map – besides the Lumber Mill)
  • Fleetstar F2070A (Bottom right side of the map – besides the garage)
  • Chevrolet Kodiak C70 (Upper right side – seaside stuck in the water)
  • Scout 800 (Upper left side – besides the gateway of Smithville Dam)

2. Drummond Island (Michigan, USA)

  • Pacific P16 (Mid-right side of the map)

3. Smithville Dam (Michigan, USA)

  • Chevrolet CK1500 (Mid right side of the map)
  • International Transtar 4070A (Almost mid-bottom side – in the mud)
  • KHAN 39 Marshall (Mid-island – Fixer Upper)

4. Island Lake (Michigan, USA)

  • KHAN 39 Marshall (Upper right side – No Country For Old Truck)

5. Pedro Bay (Alaska, USA)

6. North Port (Alaska, USA)

  • Royal BM17 (Lower left side of the map)
  • KHAN 39 Marshall (Almost mid map beside the water)
  • Hummer H2 (The same location of KHAN 39 Marshall – Drowned Hummer)

7. Mountain River (Alaska, USA)

8. White Valley (Alaska, USA)

  • KHAN 39 Marshall (Upper right side)

9. Drowned Lands (Taymyr, Russia)

  • YAR 87 (Lower right side)
  • YAR 87 (Mid map)

10. Quarry (Taymyr, Russia)

  • ANK MK38 (Mid left side)

11. Zimnegorsk (Taymyr, Russia)

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this information pretty useful. For any queries, feel free to ask in the comment below.

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