How to Transfer Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

Have a massive Google Play Music library but want to switch to YouTube Music? Don’t worry! Now you can easily transfer Google Play Music Library to your YouTube Music Account, with just a snap! Find out how!

With the time change, Google also allows its user to transfer their Music streaming option from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, where you can transfer all your Play music list to YouTube with just a few steps.

Transferring your playlist from Google Play Music to YouTube Music leads to transferring your 

  • Your Uploaded music
  • Your purchased music
  • Your playlist and stations
  • Music Albums and Song in your library
  • Like and dislike songs
  • Your billing information 

Even after transferring your account, you can access your Google Play Music and even those Music and album you can access after transfer. 

How to Transfer Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

How to Transfer Google Play Music Library to YouTube Music

There are two quite simple steps to follow, first from your Browser and Second from your Android or iOS device.

Things to know for transferring your Google Play music to YouTube play music

  •  Right now, transferring options are not available in the region of Venezuela and Belarus.
  • Google Play Music account cannot be transferred to YouTube Brand Accounts.
  • YouTube Music has some different eligibility requirements than Google Play music. You can check that eligibility from here.

Even after the transfer of Play Music to YouTube Music, you can able to use your Play music the same. But if you have any change in your Play Music, then you need to transfer again your Play Music account to YouTube Music again.

Method 1: From your Browser

You can transfer your playlist from your Desktop or Mobile browser with the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Youtube Transfer

Step 2:  Sign in with your Google Account

How to Transfer Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

Step 3: Click on Start Transfer

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Method 2: From your Android or iOS device

It normal that most of the users access their music from smartphones, i.e. Android or iOS. So you can transfer your Music with your smart device too.

Step 1: Download YouTube music from Play store or App store

Step 2: Open YouTube music app and ignore the Advertisement on the app

Step 3: Press on your Profile photo 

Step 4: Open Settings

Step 5: Click on Transfer

Step 6: Click on Transfer from Google play music.

Step 7: You will get up most 2 emails. One email for your playlist and one email for your paid subscription.

If you have larger files, then it can take more time then transferring your Billing information. So you need to wait for a little bit.

Where to find your transferred songs

Liked song:

Step 1: Open YouTube music

Step 2: Tap Library

Step 3: Tap Playlist

Step 4: Tap Your Like  

Stations: You can access your Google play music favorite stations in YouTube music too.

Step 1: Open YouTube music

Step 2: Tap Library

Step 3: Tap Playlist

Step 4: Tap the station you want to listen

There is something you need to know, that stations named Radio will not able to transfer into your YouTube music. So if you can find those, then YouTube music didn’t come up still with the radio, but you can expect from any update comes in YouTube music


Even Google wants only one platform, so even launch YouTube Music, Google is focusing on YouTube music and trying to make their audiences to transfer its platform.  So maybe in a few years, we all will be on only YouTube Music and not able to find Play music.

So it’s quite a good idea to transfer your data with YouTube music and experimenting with your past experience from Play music and try to explore more options in YouTube music.

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