Valheim Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

To survive in the world of Valheim is quite challenging, one needs to have a powerful weapon to remain alive. However, there you can discover a number of blades as well as bludgeons, but it’s not profitable to carry all of them. As a result, we have brought the “Valheim’s Weapon tier list” followed by “Best Weapon” so that neither the Bonemass nor the Greyling will hold out against you in the game with the weapons mentioned below.

Keep an eye on the below-tagged weapons arranged according to the strength, special abilities, and their expenses to craft and use. Moreover, you’ll need the best weapons to defeat every boss, thrive in every biome, and raise yourself as the best Viking ever. However, for selecting the best weapons out of all present, you’ll need the weapon list to compare.

Valheim Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

Valheim Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked

Needless to say, in-game weapons are more threatening than pre-game weapons. Let’s split the Weapon Tier list into three sections:

  • S –  Tier Weapons in Valheim
  • A – Tier Weapons in Valheim
  • B – Tier Weapons in Valheim

‘S’ Tier Weapon in Valheim

Following weapons are listed in S Tier as per their damage, usage, and few more factors were considered.

  • Frostner

The Frostner is a hammered shape axe that deals with Blunt, Frost, or Spirit damage as well. Frost damage, besides hurting the enemy, it decreases their rate of fire also. this ability is just amazing. it is one of the most expensive weapons to be crafted.

Requisites:- Ymir Flesh x 5, Freeze Gland x 5, Ancient Bark x 10, and Silver x 30.

  •  Crude Bow

It is one of the best weapons you can get in the early stages of the game. It can easily take down various dangerous enemies while walking in the rags. The damaging intensity can be upgraded by the use of fire arrows. This weapon proves to be a gem for hunting whether a deer or a bird.

Requirements:- Leather Scraps x 8 and Wood x 10.

  • Porcupine

Porcupine is another best single-handed blunt weapon with spikes at the end in the world of Valheim. Being fast enough as if compared with heavy weapons, it can also deal piercing damage as well as blunt damage simultaneously. This makes it perfect against any enemy.

Requisites:-  Linen thread x 10, Needles x 5, Iron x 20, and Fine wood x 5.

  • Draugr Fang

It can be regarded as the most powerful bow in the world of Valheim. It is the most favorite for archers because of its high devastating damage and further, it applies poison effect without using poison arrows as well.

Requirement:- Guck x 10, Silver x 20, Ancient bark x 10, and Deer hide x 2.

  • Abyssal Harpoone 

In Valheim, It is the only harpoon available. It is best used for murdering a sea serpent. You need to pierce it into sea serpent and drag it on the off-shore. Further, it will die itself or you may use your melee to kill it quickly. It is also used for transportation.

Requisite:- Leather scraps x 3, Fine wood x 8, and Chitin x 30.

  • Abyssal Razor Knife

You may dislike it because it doesn’t deal remarkable damages either pierce or slash and is the major cause for listing it down than other weapons. However, it proves to be best if used to fight with stealth.

Requirements:- Leather scraps x 2, Chitin x 20, and Fine wood x 4.

  • Valheim Stagbreaker

Again, It is one of the most powerful melee weapons found without much effort in Valheim. This giant hammer is accessed by both hands. It has tremendous knockback power but lacks in speed which makes it unsuitable for or less suitable for rapid combat players. You may use it prior to getting any better weapon.

Requisite:- Leather Scraps x 2, Core wood x 20, and Deer trophies x 5.

‘A’ Tier Weapon in Valheim

The weapons in this tier are better choices for those players who haven’t crafted any unique weapon yet in the game. Moreover, the weapons of this category and are as follows:

  • Huntsman Bow

It is the second most powerful bow available in the world of Valheim.  It is two-handed operated.

Requisite:- Iron x 20, Feathers x 10, Fine wood x 10, and Deer hide x 2.

  • Black Metal Sword

It is also effective in close-range combat. It is lightweight and operated single-handedly.

Requirements:- Black Metal x 20, Linen thread x 5, and Fine wood x 2.

  • Black Metal Knife

It is useful while roaming n Valheim. It is as sharp as the tip of a needle. Moreover, it is small compact in size, and can be used by one-hand.

Requisites:- Black metal x 10, Linen thread x 5, and Fine wood x 4.

  • Black Metal Axe

Unlike, Frostner it also proves quite effective. Being perfectly balanced,  it is used by one hand.

Requirements:- Black metal x 20. Fine wood x 6, and Linen thread x 5.

  • Black Metal Atgeir

It deals great damages to the opponents. However, It is two-handed operational but needs to be repaired soon.

Requisites:- Black metal x 30, Linen thread x 5, and Fine wood x 10,

‘B’ Tier Weapon in Valheim

The weapons of this tier will do your job without seeking any of the rare resources. Following weapons of Valheim fall in this tier.

  • Battle Axe

Battle axe is one of the rare weapons in Valheim. Additionally, it can be used for three distinct and separate melee attacks. It is not valued for money as it has a low damaging level whereas its crafting cost is high.

Requirements:- Ancient bark x 30, iron x 35, and leather scraps x 4.

  • Bronze Axe

It is the lowest grade of axe found in Valheim. It may be considered strong only after fully upgrade. Before that, it could be used for killing monsters or for chopping the felled trees as well.

Requisite:- Wood x 4, Bronze x 30, and Leather Scraps x 2.

  • Bronze Sword 

It is the first sword for the player. However, it can be proved to be best for increasing your sword skill in the early phase of the game. Moreover, you may utilize your skill with the swords of ‘S-Tier’.

Requirements:- Wood x 2, Leather scraps x 2, and Bronze x 8.

At the Bottom

Finally, we reached the tip of the article and we have tried our best to categorize the weapons. Unfortunately, if we have missed any of the good weapons then kindly ping us by commenting in the comment section provided below.

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