Fix: Windows 11 Snipping Tool Not Working or Crashing Issue

Windows 11 has regularly been in trending topics for features and the bugs that users are facing on a regular basis. Microsoft recently released the first minor update of Windows 11 to fix various issues and visual enhancement. After the update, the bugs are not resolved yet, but users face a new problem while opening the Snipping tool. Many instances are there where the Windows 11 snipping tool is not working, or a crashing issue is there. Usually, the app is crashing with an error message of “This app can’t open.”

The issue is already escalated to Microsoft, and they are working on the fix but have not confirmed the date when it will resolve officially. So let’s explore how we can fix Windows 11 snipping tool that is not working or the crash issue. Microsoft officially released a statement for all Windows 11 that certain features might have issues due to expired digital certificates and will provide an update soon to fix the crash issue of various apps and tools. The certifications expired on 31st October, and Windows 11 users cannot open many apps like Snipping Tool, Touch keyboard, emoji panel, etc.

Fix Windows 11 Snipping Tool Not Working or Crashing Issue

Fix: Windows 11 Snipping Tool Not Working or Crashing Issue

A snipping tool is an inbuilt tool that uses to cut or snap any picture, web page, or document and save various formats in images. It is a helpful tool that uses majorly across the globe for its screenshot feature. It also provides to edit the captured image before saving it in your system. Also, you can take screenshots in different shapes like square, rectangular, freeform, or the entire screen.

The snipping tool not working issue is very annoying as many users cannot take screenshots or use snipping tools features. Also, some users reported that they would get a black screen whenever they tried to open the Snipping Tool, and if somehow it’s open, the screenshot is not saved in the system. If we talked about the alternate snipping tool Snip and Sketch, it’s also facing the same issue. Due to expired digital certificates windows, 11 users face many applications like the snipping tool.

Download the Latest Update Manually

Microsoft said that they fixed the issue with the update KB5008295. Check whether you received that update with the windows update in the setting app. it is rolling out recently to fix the certificate issue. If you cannot find the update, you can download and install the update manually from the Microsoft official website.

Exit Beta Version of Windows 11

If you are a beta tester of Windows 11, you may find bugs as the Microsoft team is regularly working on new features. Microsoft released the official version of Windows 11, so you can exit the beta testing and install the stable version to prevent your system from bugs. It may take some time to install, but you can download it from the Microsoft website.

Use alternate Snipping Tool

If the Windows 11 snipping tool is not working, then you may find it challenging to take a screenshot. Then you can use the old method to take screenshots, which is Prt sc (Print screen). You can press the Prt sc button to capture the whole screen image, paste it on the MS Paint app, and crop it as required. Also, you can download alternate apps for the snipping tool available for free in Microsoft Store.

Change Date and Time

As we mentioned earlier, the digital certificates expired in the previous month, which is the main reason behind the not working of the Snipping Tool. However, you can apply the trick to modify the date and time to use the application smoothly.

  • Press the Windows + i button to open the settings of Windows 11.
  • Then go to the Time and language and click on Date and Time.

  • Next, turn off with the toggle switch in front of Set time automatically, Set time zone automatically.
  • Now click on change in front of Set the date & Time manually and set the date before 31st October.

  • Restart the system and open the Snipping tool and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Rollback Previous Update of Windows 11

The corrupt or faulty Windows update is also one of the reasons behind the snipping tool crashing issue. To fix the problem, you can wait for the next update or roll back to the previous version of windows 11.

  • Press Window + X to open the power menu, or you can right-click on the windows icon.
  • Now click on settings and then select Windows Update.
  • Then scroll down to Advanced options, navigate to the Recovery, and click back to restore the previous version.

  • Connect the system to the power supply. You cannot use this feature on batter power.

  • After that, it will ask you the reason behind Why are you going back? Choose answer according to you and press Next and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Install Optional Updates

Sometimes Microsoft provides the fix through optional updates. However, we often neglect the optional update and face issues like crashing of apSo check and installing the optional update available in the Windows update tab.

  • Press Window + X to open the power menu, or you can right-click on the windows icon.
  • Now click on settings and then select Windows Update.
  • Then click on Check for Updates and wait till you find any available updates.

  • If no update is available for the system, check for the optional update next to the Check for updates.
  • Download and install the updates and restart the system to apply the changes.

Use Third-Party Screenshot Apps

While Microsoft is working to fix as many Windows 11 issues as possible, you can try other free-to-use screenshot applications. If you don’t feel comfortable installing a separate application, then you may also use Chrome to install some screen capture extensions. These are lightweight plus free to use. Some of the most famous screen capture applications are Lightshot, Nimbuzz screenshot, Screensnap, etc.


We hope that applying the above methods will fix the Snipping tool crashing issue. However, if you are still facing the problem, you can wait for the Windows update or let us know in the comment box.

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