How to Add and Invite Friends to Play Sea Of Thieves

The open-world adventure of the Sea of Thieves becomes one of the most popular games due to the unlimited possibilities of wandering into waters, fighting with opponents, looting, and being a pirate legend. This multiplayer game also offers a pirate experience in a virtual way that becomes addictive to the players especially when playing with friends or in multiplayer mode. Though adding or inviting friends using the Windows 10 Xbox app isn’t that easy, we’ve shared the steps to add and invite friends to play Sea Of Thieves.

The process of adding or inviting friends on Sea of Thieves on your PC isn’t that straightforward and that’s why we’re here to help you. While playing with your friends in multiplayer mode, players can easily team up with their most suitable companions in order to co-operate winning battles. Now, without further ado, let’s check out the guide.

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How to Add and Invite Friends to Play Sea Of Thieves

Steps to Add Friends to Play Sea Of Thieves (Windows 10 Xbox)

All the Windows 10 PC players who want to team up with their suitable companions to play Sea of Thieves need to add respective companions as friends using the Windows 10 Xbox app. In order to do this, let’s jump into the steps below:

  • Launch the Xbox app on Windows 10 PC and sign into the account.
  • Locate the Friends option from the home screen and type the username of the friend whom you want to add.
  • Next, select Add Friend option in order to add the user in the list of friends.
  • Then you can choose between Friend or Favorite. Users can also select Share my real name to understand the profile better to others. (if someone doesn’t know your username)
  • Finally, click on OK.


Keep in mind that both the users should be friends with each other in the Xbox app in order to send or receive friend invitation.

Steps to Invite Friends to Play Sea Of Thieves on PC

All the Windows 10 PC players can invite their friends into the Sea of Thieves by launching the game, then select the crew size > Choose a Sloop for up to two players or a Galleon for up to four players. Next, you will get a prompt on screen to invite your friends between 1 and 3.

Then the player has to click on the Set Sail option to start the game. The remaining empty slots will be automatically filled up by the matchmaking process.

Steps to Invite Friends to Play Sea Of Thieves on Xbox One

Again, players need to be friends in order to send or receive an invitation in the Sea Of Thieves game on the Xbox console. Launch the game > Choose a ship size > Choose invite option > Select the friend to send an invitation. While the matchmaking process will find and fill up the rest of the empty slots.

Add Friends During the Gameplay of Sea Of Thieves

This is a cool trick or feature that users can find pretty helpful to add friends during the gameplay of Sea of Thieves game. Even you can add strangers while playing the game which is again a cool feature. Because you can’t add or change your friends while playing the game.

In order to do this, you will need to toggle a prompt to add players during gameplay using the emote menu. So, just emote “Make Friends” at someone and you will get auto pop-up the add-a-friend feature if both the players use the emote menu or vice-versa.

If any player meets any other player (sailor) in the Sea of Thieves game and they would like to keep a note of that player for future reference, after the game session, they can use an option using the Xbox application. Form the right-side pane, go to the Find people or clubs search box > Click on the down arrow icon beside All > Select Recent Players. It will bring up a list of the players who’ve recently met in the game and users can add any player from here to the friend list.

That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this guide useful. Feel free to ask in the comment below for any queries.

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