All Paramount Plus Error Codes and how to fix them

In the age of OTT platforms dominating the entertainment industry, there is fierce competition in the ranks just below the top players including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. Paramount Plus is one such up-and-coming streaming platform that aims to bring the goodness and nostalgia of cable TV free of cost to millions of online users. Thanks to the collaboration with the CBS All Access Network, most of the top live channels can be found on Paramount Plus, complimented by a good selection of movies and TV shows.

Like any other streaming platform, Paramount Plus is available for many devices, including the web, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Google TV, Fire TV, and even consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. If you are a regular user of Paramount Plus but have been running into issues disrupting your streaming experience, this is just the right place for you! Read on to discover some of the most prominent Paramount Plus error codes and how you can fix them.

All Paramount Plus Error Codes and how to fix them

How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Codes

Error codes make it easier for you to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with the service or your device and Paramount Plus has a decent list of error codes that you should be displayed with in the event of an undesirable streaming experience. Below are the most common Paramount Plus error codes followed by their causes and appropriate fixes:

  1. Codes 4201 & 1200
    • Disable any ad blocker plugin that you have installed in your web browser or on your phone.
    • Ensure that your firewall isn’t blocking access to the Paramount Plus network.
    • Make sure that the antivirus software on your PC or laptop isn’t identifying the Paramount Plus app or website as a threat.
  2. Codes 110669993002300562906310
    • Try to force close the Paramount Plus app, or reboot your device and launch the app again.
  3. Code 7: Update your Chrome browser on your laptop or PC to the latest version and relaunch it.
  4. Code 14: Make sure your Windows version is up-to-date and restart your computer.
  5. Code 111: Caused due to a sudden power failure while using the app. Reboot your computer properly and try launching the app again.
  6. Code 404: Refresh the webpage or try relaunching the browser.
  7. Code 3004: Restart your WiFi router and launch the Paramount Plus app again.
  8. Code 3200: Caused due to a playback error on smart TVs, consoles, or other Comcast devices. Hard restart your device by unplugging it for 30 seconds and turning it back on.
  9. Code 3205: Try restarting both your computer and WiFi router.
  10. Code 3301: Restart your browser and your computer.
  11. Code 6320: Force close the Paramount Plus app on your Fire TV or Android TV device, clear app data, and cache.

Common Fixes to Solve Paramount Plus Not Working

If the Paramount Plus app doesn’t display an error code, there could still be a plethora of reasons as to why you might be facing issues while trying to stream content. The issue might be related to the app or the device you’re trying to stream on itself. Below are some of the most common fixes that should fix the most popular Paramount Plus error codes for you. Chronologically follow the tips until one of them finally solves the issue for you.

1. Check your Account Details

You haven’t been able to stream anything using the Paramount Plus app on your device because your account might have issues. Maybe your subscription has expired, or your payment method has been blocked. We recommend you log into your Paramount Plus account and begin investigating there.

2. Check for any Software Updates

TV Software updates

Open the Settings app on your device and check for any software updates. Most apps on phones and smart TVs usually require the latest operating system version to be installed. If you have any software updates available, we recommend upgrading your device with a reliable internet connection.

3. Update the Paramount Plus app

Open the app store on your device and check if the Paramount Plus app has any updates available. The bugs might have been caused by a bad update previously; in such a case, a hotfix is available almost immediately.

4. Hard Reset your device

If you usually have your console or Android TV box always connected and turned on then maybe rebooting it might fix any bugs with the apps installed on your device. To hard reset any device, turn it off, unplug it for 30 seconds, plug it back in, and turn it on again.

5. Troubleshoot your WiFi Connection

Ensure that your device is properly connected to your WiFi. If not, re-add the network under the Settings app. Alternatively, if you have an ethernet connection on your device, ensure it is connected properly. Lastly, you can try rebooting your WiFi router to see if it fixes any connection issues.

6. Factory Reset your device

If nothing else fixes the annoying Paramount Plus not working issue for you, we suggest you try to factory reset your device itself. This can be done within the Settings app, but beware, this will cause you to lose any data stored on your device, including any downloaded apps, games, and files.


We hope our guide on how to fix Paramount Plus error codes was helpful to you. If you have any tips besides what we’ve mentioned, let the other readers know in the comments below! If you have any queries regarding the guide, please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help!


  1. I keep getting error Code 111 states my computer wont excepts ads. It instructed me to remove the block . I have done so. I have done everything is has instructed, Paramount + programs will not play on my computer. I can watch it on my TV, which is ok if both my wife want to watch the same thing. I want this fixed, please assist me.

  2. Constant problems with time out after commercials with a failure to restart the viewed show. Then a ” error retry later”.

  3. Trying to watch paramount plus on my Samsung TV and keep getting error code 04036??? I have COX cable but can’t seem to find a trouble-shoot to fix it.

    1. Error code 1600. I get commercials great, no show and message that said show not available. After trying three CBS shows, I quit. My son gave me this channel as a gift and I need it to work.
      Thank you for any assistance, Harriet Wetherell

    2. I keep getting the same error code on my Westinghouse TV. I’ve done everything under the sun to try to fix it and it just doesn’t work. I unplugged it, rebooted the box, reset the box, deleted my stored app data in privacy, and nothing works. I think this is a problem on Cox’s end because maybe they have not updated the app through their system. They had no answer for me when I contacted them. They told me to to reinstall the app myself? There is no way to do that on Cox Contour’s box. Then they just said they would look into it and try to resolve it, but days later, nothing. Basically Cox is garbage.

  4. I am sitting in Boise Idaho trying to watch a show on Paramount. It is bad enough that it goes on and off many times but now I get a message about liscensing out of the country. i close it and it goes back to Home. I realize Boise is a foreign entity to many but last time I checked we were still in the USA. Do I need to stop subscribing to Paramount or is there a fix for this?

  5. How do you get rid of the “uh-oh. An error has occurred, but we’re working on foxing it. We’ll be up and running again soon.”
    That was 9 days ago.

  6. during the program it freezes then script is repeated . Also get error box “Oops” this video isn’t available out of the country” WTF I’m in San Diego friggin CA. This is the only channel I have these issues with of spinning and freezing and now these weird messages. It often ends with contact (error code: 6100)

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