Best Lost Ark Paladin Build

It is a signature style for Paladins, one of the Warrior’s advanced classes, to combine heavy armor, holy magic, and melee attacks, The Paladin is one of only two classes in Lost Ark dedicated to support, making him a popular choice for groups of players in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Due to Paladin’s ability to both take damage and defeat large groups of enemies, he is an excellent choice for solo players looking for a class that uses shields to negate a large amount of damage while still engaging opponents. Here we will be talking about the best Paladin build in Lost Ark. Let’s begin.

Best Lost Ark Paladin Build

Best Paladin PvE build

While the ideal Paladin PvE build will emphasize increasing the class’s ability to heal and buff teammates, it will also provide players with the ability to deal a significant amount of damage during specific time windows.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Paladin is first and foremost a supporting character and that DPS should always come second on the priority list.

Here are the best Lost Ark Paladin PvE builds:

Skill Skill Level [Out of 10] Rune I  II III
Dash Slash 4 Quick Pace Nil Nil
Charge 5 Excellent Mobility Nil Nil
Execution of Justice 10 Rune Prison Light Explosion Strength Release
Heavenly Blessings 10 Perseverance Mind Enhancement Heavenly Requiem
Godsent Law 10 Wide-angle Attack Shield Grace
Holy Sword 10 Outburst of Light Propulsion Condensed Energy
Holy Protection 10 Robust Protection Quick Pace Vow of Light
Wrath of God 10 Wide Thunderstroke Express Fury Thunder

Best Paladin PvP build

The Paladin is great at taking down monsters and creatures, but what if you want to use him to take down other players in PvP combat? That necessitates a slightly modified build that is slightly more offensive while still being able to support teammates with ease.

Here are the best Lost Ark Paladin PvP builds:

Skill Skill Level [Out of 10] Rune I  II III
Executor’s Sword 4 Excellent Mobility Weak Point Enhancement N/A
Heavenly Blessings 10 Faith Valour Absolute Blessing
Execution of Justice 10 Strength Release Forward Attack Light Explosion
Holy Protection 10 Robust Protection Quick Pace Thunderous Protection
Charge 10 Excellent Mobility Shining Perfection Nil
Holy Sword 10 Propulsion Condensed Energy Vital Point Strike
Wraith of God 10 Wide Thunderstroke Faith Express Fury
Dash Slash 10 Sustain Enhancement Quick Pace Ruthless Sprint

Well, these are the best Lost Ark Paladin builds. We hope you found this guide helpful. If you are into this game, do check out our other Lost Ark guides.

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