Best Lost Ark Deathblade builds for PvE and PvP

The Deathblade is one of Lost Ark’s most intriguing character classes which can play like a dream with the right build. The unique ability to wield three swords at once is the key highlight of this character. Ultimately there are no bad choices. And just like any other class, Deathblade can be the right character for you if you have access to the right build and skill structure. So if you have chosen to walk the path of Dealthblade, this best build guide will help you for PvE and PvP battles.

Deathblade carrier three health orbs which you can recharge during combat. However, you will not be able to charge them manually which can be a downside if you are a fan of micromanaging each skill for a character. The main advantage of this character is its incredible fun and challenging gameplay with a lot of energy and potential to increase your game rank. So here is the best build guide for Deathblade characters for your PvP and PvE battles.

Best Lost Ark Deathblade builds for PvE and PvP

Best Lost Ark Deathblade builds for PvE and PvP

Lost Ark’s Deathblade is the more traditional Assassin out of the two Advanced Classes. Slicing her enemies into ribbons and getting out without a scratch is her speciality. Here is the best build which suits her character and playing style.

Deathblade is shaping up to be a powerful class for various regions. This class has the perfect blend of PvE damage and PvP viability, making it a great class for beginners as well as experienced MMO players that want a flashy, agile class.

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Lost Ark: Best Deathblade PvE build

Considering the game’s main story is largely PvE content, it’s good to have Deathblade PvE build ready in your arsenal.

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Blitz Rush 10 Vital Point Strike Charge Enhancement Shadow Rush
Dark Axel 10 Swift Fingers Tenacity High Axel
Head Hunt 10 Quick Preparation Quick Hunt Enhanced Stun
Maelstrom 10 Cold Touch Dark Order Stabilized Energy
Moonlight Sonic 10 Fist of Darkness Quick Preparation Shade Sonic
Spincutter 4 Swift Fingers N/A N/A
Turning Slash 10 Enhanced Strike Tenacity Concentrated Attack
Upper Slash 10 Swift Fingers Large Twister Tenacity

It is an engraving that provides multiple buffs for activating Deathblade Arts. This is quite a strong build and can be beneficial in many situations if you have the right gear.

Lost Ark: Best Deathblade PvP build

In terms of the best PvP build for Deathblade, we recommend:

Skill Skill Level (/10) Rune I  II III
Dark Axel 7 Quick Pace Corkscrew N/A
Death Sentence 10 Quick Preparation Cold Zone Explosion
Moonlight Sonic 10 Fist of Darkness Sustain Enhancement Shade Sonic
Polestar 10 Quick Preparation Vital Point Strike Moon Star
Soul Absorber 10 Swift Fingers Fist of Darkness Halve
Spincutter 4 Open Weakness N/A N/A

Unlike its PvE builds, Deathblades can hit the ground running in PvP quite easily. This build is especially for players to wish to play as rouge or a martial character.


This brings us to the end of this Best Lost Ark Deathblade Build. Please note that such builds are purely subjective and may vary from player to player. So feel free to tweak this build to fit your playstyle as needed.

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