Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

The Nether Update expansion (1.16.1) has rolled out for Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. With the new updates, players can find several new gameplay mechanics and new logic implementations along with a couple of bug fixes. There are also fresh new seeds for players to check out. Moreover, selecting the best seeds will help them to make their gameplay even more enjoyable as you can play with your friends together.

Check out some of the cool new additions in Minecraft:

  • New game content like; Zoglins, Piglins, Hoglins, new biomes, basalt deltas, Baston remnants
  • New Blocks and block renames
  • Creative mode features
  • Mob features – strider
  • Netherite
  • Seeds

Now we will look at the best seeds that are available in Nether Update 1.16.1 in July for Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

Now, for the month of July, we have got the top 15 seeds in Minecraft listed below. Check it out!

Seed: 561125650585929195

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

Players will spawn on a rare survival island. To make things even more interesting, the island has a massive village with over 20 unexplored building.

Location: 50, 50 in Shattered Savanna.

Heading over to the eastern side of this island will take players to the mainland that has a desert temple at point coordinates at 700, 50.

Seed: -3472122605919417

This seed will unravel one of the largest unexplored natural villages that players will encounter in Minecraft. What makes this village so big is that there are over 30 buildings in it.

Location: 50, 50 in Savanna.

Players are advised to always carry torches, especially at night!

Seed: -7251447237987442905

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

With this seed, players will spawn in the center of a village triangle. At the coordinates of the following point there will be a different biome:

  • Ice Plains at -250, 50
  • Taige at 150, 50
  • Plains at 50, -250

Location: -50, 50 at different biomes

Seed: 3641943601438147674

Players will spawn inside an ice spike biome that has a small village.

Location: -50, 50 in Ice Spikes

There are two more villages inside this cold biome at point coordinates 200, -250 and -250, -150.

Seed: -3708919178175805469

Players will find an acacia village at point coordinates 50 -250 that can help rebuild the ruined portal.

Location: -50, 150 in Crimson Forest, Warped Forest

Heading through the portal will take players to point coordinates -200, -200 to a bastion remnant on top of the lava lake.

Seed: -4823090981226142599

Players will discover an unusual village at point coordinates 250,250.

Location: 100, -200 in Roofed Forest

This village has huts and farms that are stuck within a huge mansion.

Seed: 4809049339815557008

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

With this seed, players will get access to plenty of smaller biomes as soon as they spawn along with a village that comes with a zombie dungeon.

Location: 250, 250 in Mushroom Fields

There is also a desert village at point coordinates 800, 300, and acacia village at point coordinates 800, 500.

Seed: -1926157299896961933

Players will get all the cold weather biomes using this seed.

Location: -50, 250 in Ice Plains

As soon as players spawn, there will be a village, igloo, and a ruined portal that has ice spikes. Not to mention, plenty of loot!

Seed: 23066216775397120141

Players will spawn at the base of a small mountain that has a savanna village and a shipwreck not too far off.

Location: 150, 50 in Shattered Savana, Jungle

Heading behind the mountain, players will discover a little patch of a jungle biome.

Seed: 538488037305732728

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

With this seed, there will be two ocean monuments and a double village as soon as players spawn. Players can discover ocean temples at point coordinates -1000, -300.

Location: 50, 50 in Deep Ocean

Additionally, there is also another pair of villages at point coordinates 350, -1350.

Seed: -1742288161377060218

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

Players will spawn in a forest biome that is near a channel. It is opposite to a zombie village.

Location: -200, 250 in Shattered Savana, Mushroom Island

The village is right between the shattered savanna biome and mushroom island biome at point coordinates 150, 50.

Seed: -570692207952022408

Best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020

Players will spawn near a desert village at point coordinates 250, 350 through a ruined portal. Heading through the portal will teleport players into a pool of lava at the base of a bastion remnant.

Location: -200, 150 in Soul Sand Valley

Players need to head over to the top-most level of this remnant, where there will be some loot waiting to be found.

Seed: -3534119375994509989

Players will spawn in the middle of a small plains village at point coordinates 175, 30, 50, through a ruined portal. The portal can be found beneath the ground inside a small cave.

Location: 100, 50 in Crimson Forest

Heading through the portal will take players to the nether coordinates at -50, -350, where they will discover a huge bastion remnant. This remnant will have a massive bridge and will be floating in the air.

Seed: -857872512425377539

With this seed, players will get a 250 block tall hollow mountain. On top of the mountain, there will be farms, but it will be deserted.

Location: 100, 150 in Shattered Savanna

Given its location, it serves as a good spot to develop a cool secret base for players.

Seed: 6095084561945689051

One of the rarest biomes can be easily accessed in Minecraft with this seed. Players will also find a small village along with a ruined portal there.

Location: 50, 250 in Birch Forest

Additionally, there is a snow village at point coordinate -450, -350 on the northern side of the map.

This concludes our guide on the best Minecraft Seeds for July 2020. We hope this guide helped you. Now, you can check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides to read more. In case you have any queries or suggestions, comment down with your name along with the email ID, and we will reply shortly. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch awesome videos on gaming and smartphone tips and tricks. Happy Gaming!

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