Common Telegram Login Problems and Solutions

Telegram has its own popular user base. Although WhatsApp is considered the best messaging service, Telegram is way ahead when it comes to features and security. The famous dark theme arrived for the Telegram users way before WhatsApp even rolled out in beta. Telegram is also safe when it comes to user security and provides several options to the user to safeguard themselves online while using the Telegram application. However, there are certain issues that users have reported while logging in and if you are also one such user then, you are at the right place.

As in this post, we will guide you on how to fix common Telegram login problems and their dedicated solutions to them. Though Telegram is a wonderful messaging app that I personally prefer over WhatsApp, certain login issues are very common with any messaging app and in this post, we will guide you on how to fix those. So, without any further ado, let us get straight into the article itself:

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Common Telegram Login Problems and Solutions

Common Telegram Login Problems and Solutions

You can troubleshoot several log-in related issues on the Telegram by following the below-mentioned guide:

Did not receive a login code

There are certain issues where users have reported not receiving the login code to enter and log in to use the Telegram application. A simple workaround is that if you are logged in to another device then, Telegram sends you the code via Telegram and not via SMS. This negates the possibility of your poor network connection and issues of having different mobile numbers. You just need to check in to the device where you are logged in.

telegram login code

In case you have not received the code, you can use the option “Haven’t received the code?” and request the code via SMS. You can even request Telegram to let you know your code via phone call as well.

Too many attempts

The Too many attempts error shows up when you have attempted to log in with a wrong code multiple times recently. In this case, you should wait for 24 hours before you can log in again. Moreover, if you are also wanting to know what is the actual time left before you can go ahead and log in then, you can visit and attempt to sign in, and then click on the “show technical details” then it will show you the timer with the exact amount of time that you need to wait before you can log in.

Limit exceeded or Internal server error

If you have deleted your accounts too many times then, you will be shown errors like limit exceeded or internal server error. You need to simply need to wait a couple of weeks before you can go ahead and try signing up.

Banned phone number or Your phone was banned

If while logging in, the Telegram shows you an error message of Banned phone number or your phone was banned then and you think that it has been accidentally done then, you can report this issue by sending a DM on Twitter with your phone number: @smstelegram.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. I hope you guys liked this post and were able to troubleshoot common problems related to the Telegram application. Let us know in the comments below if you liked this post and were able to fix the issues that you are facing. Until the next post…Cheers!



  1. ugh! No matter what I’ve tried , Telegram never sends a code anymore. I waited several days again before trying….I’ve deleted app, then re downloaded. I’ve tried from my computer. Same thing….no code is ever sent. No code sent on my phone. I get no prompts or messages or even any choices to see what’s going on. I’ve never actually posted anything on Telegram but look at all the channels that i’m subscribed to. I have re-posted other telegrams… There is nothing that I would’ve done to get my number banned. I haven’t received that message either. There is just no code sent…….It stopped working about 2 weeks ago…no code sent. I’ve done all the steps you mention too. Still nothing.

      1. Solution:
        I was having same issue when I tried to open my telegram app the only message was connecting and after waiting for hours it didn’t connect, then I uninstall the app and install it again but the problem persist, I log out and again for logging after entering the Mobile number it was just scrolling, then I use VPN and it worked so my advice to all those who are facing same issue use VPN, it will work

    1. I signed up today, signed in etc. later when I wanted to sign in it insists on sending another code, so I get that code, again later to sign in, another code. Eventually it said to many tries and shut me out for 24 hours. I totally despise this app for not being able to simply sign in to be able to communicate. Now I’m locked out from my family. So much for European tech. Rubbish! It’s gone now.

  2. No help at all unfortunately I am still locked out! I accidently logged out 2 days ago and Telegram log in will not send code and has locked me out again! Please any other suggestions? I love Telegram but they have no tech support. I even went the route of filling out their help form…several times now!

  3. Also, if I can’t log into Telegram how is it possible to get into the chat??? please advise if you know, thank you!

  4. “Did not receive a login code” to mobile advice does not work when the Telegram login was on a computer where the hard disk has failed. Any solution? Clicking ‘Send code via SMS’ says ‘Please enter the code that was sent to you via Telegram or log in via QR code.’ That’s useless, i have a 3G phone (for good reason) that does not qr.

  5. My mobile no-0701966945
    I’m a srilanken
    In lest 10 days before icant to log my telegram account
    I want to loggin now
    Plz give me access

      1. you need to have telegram on another device i.e. a laptop or phone and have telegram open, use a different phone number perhaps a family member. Then you can see the code.

    1. New login. Dear Khursed, we detected a login into your account from a new device on 08/06/2022 at 04:14:54 UTC.

      Device: Telegram Android, 8.7.4, Samsung Galaxy M32, Android, 11 R? (30)
      Location: Delhi, India (IP =

      If this wasn’t you, you can terminate that session in Settings > Devices (or Privacy & Security > Active Sessions).

      If you think that somebody logged in to your account against your will, you can enable Two-Step Verification in Privacy and Security settings.

  6. My telegram is showing “Connecting ” from past two days. Though it did not show any message or any errors. I deleted the app without deactivating/deleting my account. It’s not even moving ahead of where we give our contacts.

  7. This information is outdated. The option now is to receive a code on the “other device” or to open the app on your phone and scan a QR code. I need information on how to log in on a laptop with no phone app. This problem is new as of mid May 2021.

  8. Telegram used to require emails to log in. Now it only accepts phone numbers. 2 questions:
    1. I have an account that I can no longer access because it’s connected to my email address. I have contacts in that account.
    2. What if you don’t have a working phone number at the time?

  9. I have tried to use Telegram so many times s and it will not send me the code. I have a high-speed internet connection and I have no issues getting text so it’s frustrating when all my friends are using Telegram but I can’t.

    1. Same issues here the worst thing is that I have to join stunds groups on these app but it keeps on requesting me a password that I don’t have cause I have never used this app before

  10. Please how can I know when to try later, I was trying to login but I was told to try again later

    I mean what exact time should I check it back. Have tried checking but I didn’t see the remaining time

  11. I am logged in TG on the phone and am trying to log in into an app on the desktop. But the login by QR code is not working, neither is the login by a sent code, because that code never arrives.

  12. My laptop with telegram installed crashed. After reinstallation of the laptop i downloaded Telegram again. I tried to login with my phone number and waited for a code…NOTHING!! I have a gsm, no smartphone.

  13. I have used telegram for a few months. When I want to leave and close the site all I do is close the screen and turn off the computer. I recently tried to delete the annoying ping that I receive when other members of the group are chatting. I accidently pushed the Log Out link and hey – presto cannot get back in. Same problem as other users trying to access a code.

  14. I have got a code from you but when I try to get into telegram it just flashes on then off no time to put any thing in at all. I am still getting message banners but if I click on them nothing happens

  15. Hi, i’ve Telegram Desktop SW installed and wanted to login by my mobil phone number. It’s not a smartphone. The requested to type in a code, but i didn’t get any code, for example, as SMS or so whether to my mobil phone nor to my email account.
    What can i do to access Telegram?

    Thanx in advance!

  16. I am having exactly the same problem and that for the last 2 months can not access Telegram anymore … Using my computer desk to access telegram when I put my mobile number with the area code etc it tells me the code has been sent on my mobile but never have received the code … I even had notified Telegram twice of the recurrent problem never received a reply !!!! Can you please let me know how can re access my telegram ..Very very frustrating ! And I see I am not the only one ..Thank you

  17. I got a new cellphone. Now I can’t get into my telegram account. I have requested an SMS code so many time and never received a code. That I am now apparently locked out.

  18. I can’t log into Telegram. The SMS code has not been received by my phone (many attempts). This app worked fine in previous phone. Got a new replacement phone (same exact kind) and now I can no longer access the app. I think I am giving up on Telegram – support is nonexistent.

  19. Hello,im having a problem logging in to telegram,i have been logged out,its showing me no options of receiving code by SMS or phone,i have been using same device and I need to get in, my number +27685401425,please help

    1. Why can’t I log in to my telegram it says pls check internet connection, my internet has great signal and connection why?

  20. Utterly useless.
    Been using Telegram for PC for ages without a problem, then a few days back it just wouldn’t open.
    I discover now that desktop users no longer receive a code via sms, instead I have to log in via some “QR code” on another device.
    Well, that’s useless to me. I don’t have a phone or any other “device”, just my pc.
    Goodbye Telegram, such a shame your customer support was so poor.

  21. log in after 2weeks just for repeated deletion and sign in attempts? poor app.. poor tech support..
    Such problems wouldnt exist if only login codes and set immediately after its users attempt to login..Might as well delete it and never download it again..PPPPOOOOOORRRRR AAAAPPPPP..

  22. Why are they saying they send code to my other device? My phone has been hacked in the past. Should I be concerned

  23. I have been trying to help several friends login to Telegram. 2 are new accounts, and 1 is a guy who’s computer crashed and we had to reload the OS from scratch. Nobody can get the SMS code for verification.
    So… I tried using a VPN – that didn’t work either. I think it may be possible that the CIA or some .gov agency is DDOSing the Telegram website to prevent people from using Telegram because the Govt doesn’t want any of us to access the truth of what is happening with Covid and Ukraine.
    The Govt doesn’t like Telegram and wants us to accept the MSM narrative.

  24. Trying to login but was told to check my internet connection and try again meanwhile I don’t have internet problem

  25. I have multiple account on my telegram application both in my android phone and in my PC buy the problem is :
    I can’t connect to one of my account neither on PC nor in my phone by proxy but other accounts in the same app can be run smoothly
    it means that I don’t have a domestic problem and the issue is from Telegram maybe

  26. New login. Dear Khursed, we detected a login into your account from a new device on 08/06/2022 at 04:14:54 UTC.

    Device: Telegram Android, 8.7.4, Samsung Galaxy M32, Android, 11 R? (30)
    Location: Delhi, India (IP =

    If this wasn’t you, you can terminate that session in Settings > Devices (or Privacy & Security > Active Sessions).

    If you think that somebody logged in to your account against your will, you can enable Two-Step Verification in Privacy and Security settings.

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