How to Connect Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED to Any Smart Tv?

If you recently purchased Smart TV and want to know how to connect Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED, then here is the detailed process. However, the recent generation of Smart TV has excellent features along with an attractive display that everyone wants to connect all the devices with their Smart TV. Moreover, the Smart Tv will enhance the gaming experience. Also, both Nintendo devices will connect to your Smart TV in a few steps.

There is various gaming console available in the market, but Nintendo has a different user base. It’s quite popular with the young generation as it provides the latest game title at a budget price. Recently Nintendo launched its new version of Nintendo Switch OLED version. Nintendo is always working on its devices to offer better features. The OLED display does not need any introduction. We all know the display quality of the display, which has a great viewing angle with brightness and is suitable for the eyes also. However, many users have reported some issues while connecting the Nintendo device with their Smart TV.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED to Any Smart Tv

How to Connect Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED to Any Smart Tv?

To connect the Nintendo with your Smart TV, you can follow the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED User Manual instructions. However, as we all know, it’s not easy to follow the instruction given in the user manual, or if you still can’t connect the Nintendo devices with your TV, then follow the below steps. However, the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED can provide an output of 1080p on the smart TV when we connect it with the HDMI cable.

Before setting up the Nintendo Switch and OLED switch to Smart TV, ensure that the items are available such as AC adapter, HDMI cable, Nintendo Switch or OLED switch, Switch dock.

Open Back Cover of Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED


Once you are ready with all required items, open the Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED back panel. It is required to connect all the cables to the Nintendo Switch device to Smart TV. On the backside, you will find a hinged cover. Press that hinged to open the Nintendo back cover. After opening the device, you will see three labeled Ac adapter, USB, and HDMI ports out.

Connect AC Adapter

After opening the Nintendo Switch’s back panel, connect the Ac adapter cable to its dedicated port. It is also mentioned near the port and then plugged in the power plug to the power source socket.

Connect HDMI Cable

The next step is to provide output to the Nintendo device through an HDMI cable. Put one end of the HDMI cable in the second port of the Nintendo switch and the second end connected to your Smart TV. Make sure to connect the cable correctly because if the connection is loose, you may have a picture and sound quality issues while playing games.

Connect Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED

After the connection of cables is made, close the back panel of the Nintendo device. Now connect the Nintendo Switch to the dock carefully. Next, put the Switch OLED device to the dock and check whether the charging port and connecter are correctly aligned.

Detach Joy-Cons

Before connecting the Nintendo device to Smart TV, detach the Joy-Cons controller from the Switch device. To remove the joy-con, press the back button and then slide it upwards to detach. Next, remove both controllers in the same way.

After following the above steps, power on your TV and Switch OLED device:

  1. Go to the Input section of your Smart TV, and select the input device as Nintendo Switch.
  2. Open any game like Mario Kart to check whether it’s working on your TV.
  3. If you face any fluctuation or power-related issue, check the cable once and connect it properly.

After playing the game, disconnect the Nintendo Switch by reversing the above steps and connecting the joy-cons to play it on the Nintendo device’s screen. That’s all. You can now connect the Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED with your Smart TV with the above steps. For more info or any queries regarding Nintendo Switch, tell us in the comment box.

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