How to Use Stage Channels on Discord

Live audio rooms are becoming the new sensation in the social media domains. Following the footsteps of the Clubhouse house now Discord is initiating a similar project by the name of Stage channels. As of now, this feature is already available on various platforms of Discord. Only the members of a Discord community server can use the Stage Channels. You cannot use it on a standard Discord server.

To use Stage Channels first you have to change the standard server to a community server. I have explained how to do that. Then you have to set up your stage channel and create a topic for discussion. Let’s get into the guide and know all the steps in complete detail.

Discord stage channels setup and use

How to Use Stage Channels on Discord

Let us first start with creating a community server.

Create Community Server

  • Go to Server settings and click on it [present at the upper left corner]
  • Now, go to Enable Community which you will find under the community tab
  • Perform the page setup
  • After you finish, click on Finish Setup

Setup the Discord Stage Channel

Here are the steps to create the all-new feature Stage channel on Discord.

  • In the voice channel, start by clicking on the + icon
  • Set the channel type as Stage Channel
  • Next, add a channel name in the designated box
  • Now you can set the stage moderators [they will be responsible for adding/removing members in the channel]
  • You have to set the stage channel’s topic which is important to drive the correct audience for the audio discussions
  • Then click on Open the Stage to begin the Stage channel for the community server

Joining A Live Stage Channel in Discord

If the members are part of a community server, then they will see an option to join a live Stage channel. This option will appear on the top of the left-hand panel.

There will be two sections by default which consists of listeners and speakers in a stage channel. Listeners are the ones who just freshly joined in the conversation. It is up to the moderator of the stage channel to allow them to be speakers or not.

Listeners have to click on a raised hand icon button to let the moderators know that they want to speak. This icon will be at the bottom of the stage channel. Click it and you will gain the attention of the moderator.

After you have finished speaking and wish to step down then click on Move to the audience. Now, you will become a listener once more. You may notice that the process is pretty similar to the ones we have in the Clubhouse app.

How A Moderator Can Remove Any Member

Sometimes there may be a certain member in a stage channel that doesn’t stick to the community rules and guidelines. Then the moderator of the stage channel has all the rights to expel such users. To do so,

  • the moderator has to right-click on the username
  • Click on Disconnect from Stage

Leaving Stage Channels in Discord

If you are no more interested in any discussion in the stage channels you’re part of and want to leave, then click on Exit Quietly.

So, that’s a brief detail about the all-new stage channel feature in Discord. If you are a part of any community server then look out for live stage channels where you can participate in various discussions.

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