How to Fix Discord Music Bot Lagging

If the Discord music bot is lagging on any server that you’re a part of or if you are hosting one, then in this guide I will teach you how to fix that issue. This bot is responsible for the music that users share in a server chat. The lag happens due to the voice server for that particular region in which the user is active. Sometimes if a Discord server has too many active users using the music bot, it may not take the load and cause the lagging.

A working solution for the latency issue is to change the server to some other region. Now, there is no guarantee that if you switch to another server, the lag won’t happen. It will depend upon how busy the server is. On another note, it is also advisable to check your internet connectivity. If the network is down, then that may also cause the Discord music bot to lag.

how to fix: Discord music bot lagging issue

How to Fix: Discord Music Bot Lagging

There are two simple ways to fix the lagging issue.

Change the Region of the Voice Server

  • Login to the server [for this you must be a server owner or you should have permissions to tweak the server]
  • There will be your Server name on the top section. Click on the arrow icon
  • From the menu select Server Settings
  • Navigate to the Server region > click Change
  • Select any server [preferably the one which is closer to your actual location]
  • To save the changes click on Save Change

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Discord is all about the collective interaction of various people on a server. If you are managing a server, then your actual location must be closer to the server location. This will ensure a lower latency or no lag at all. Similarly, another factor is having a good ping. This is not only applicable to the server manager but also to other users that use the server. Everyone’s ping should be good enough to avoid the Discord music bot from lagging.

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There May be a Problem with the Hosting

If your Discord music bot is self-hosted, then it may be taking too much stress due to content overload. This means if lots of content is being presented and exchanged through the bot, then latency will happen. When the amount of information crosses the capacity which the bot can handle it will lead to lag.

A good solution to this issue is changing the Discord music bot. Another troubleshooting method is to upgrade your hosting so that the bot can handle more resources. Then it won’t lag anymore.

So, those are the two easy ways to fix the latency issue with the Discord music bot. Try it out and let me know whether the issue got solved or not.

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