10 Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

We are now living in the age of automation. Almost any popular application that we know of uses a sufficient amount of artificial intelligence. A great example can be Discord Bots that performs several automatic tasks. In every server you will see several such bots moderating interactions, welcoming new server members, and even add memes.

When a server is busy with thousands of visitors then it won’t be easy for the human moderators to control every aspect of it. Here, Discord Bots make their life easier by handling a lot of tasks. In this guide, I have talked about the 10 best Discord Bots to improve your Discord server. You can either use all of them or some of them depending upon your requirements. These are some of the prominent bots that you can find across various notable servers. Let’s check them out.

10 Best Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

Here is the list of 10 Best Discord Bots that you can get for free. There are a few features you may unlock by being a premium user.


  • This one is free to use
  • It is a moderation bot
  • Send welcome messages to new members of the server
  • Set up auto commands for the Discord users for creating memes or arcade games


  • It can play any song from YouTube on the Discord channels
  • Allows to create playlists and add up songs to it
  • Display lyrics of a song on-the-go

There is a song duration limit for free users. You have to be a premium user to enjoy songs of longer duration. With a premium account, you can also create unlimited playlists of your own choice. Besides, you get to adjust the equalizer and other aspects of audio customization.


  • Use this bot to create a backup of a server
  • Exchange messages between Discord channels
  • Restores the server in case of any technical issues
  • Templates for various communities in the server
  • Xenon offers up to 25 free backup
  • Users can create 1 internal backup for each server
  • The bot supports both automatic and manual backup
  • Premium users have to pay up to $5 to $15 per month to unlock features like message saving and transferring
  • The premium users can also backup nicknames and server roles


  • It is a moderation bot
  • Send welcome messages for the server followers
  • Set auto-roles which the followers have to follow before joining the server.
  • Create and execute custom commands
  • Custom filters to keep the trolls at a bay from the server
  • Creates alert for the server members if any content goes live on Twitch or other such social media platforms.

Helper. gg

  • Mostly helps in maintaining various clients and businesses on Discord
  • Creates tickets to help the discord creators to manage the servers when any issues technical or otherwise arises
  • Free to use unless you want to get more features like ticket translation features
  • Going premium will set you back by around $4.

Dank Memer

  • It’s a premium bot to create memes in the chats
  • Uses bot commands to generate the memes in any Discord server
  • Users can create and use their own memes
  • It offers currencies to purchase special items
  • Most features are for free but premium users can unlock and use more memes than the free users
  • Premium users can enjoy unique roles in the server


  • Used to play roleplay games
  • Users can create their own character and complete missions and other such in-game activities
  • The players can interact and share their own game with other server members
  • Using the commands of this bot is free
  • You may unlock in-game rewards by donating some amount to the bot’s creator via Patreon.

Tip. cc

  • This bot allows anyone on Discord to tip a fellow Discord server member with cryptocurrencies.
  • This Discord bot supports up to 127 types of cryptocurrency
  • The recipient may not have a crypto wallet but still, they can receive the cryptocurrencies
  • It enables withdrawal and deposits of cryptocurrencies within Discord itself
  • The tip. cc bot is totally free to use

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Apollo Discord Bot

  • A dedicated Discord bot to create and manage event details
  • Users can mark whether they are going to attend the event
  • The events can be deleted automatically once it has happened
  • The bot will send event reminders to those users who have marked that they will attend the event.
  • It can automate the creation, mention, and sharing of recurring events
  • The premium users get access to customizable signup options
  • For using the bot’s premium services, you have to pay $5 per month (for one server)
  • To use the Apollo Discord bot on 3 and 5 servers you have to pay $10 and $15 per month respectively.


  • Allows the user to collect Pokemon and do Pokemon battles within Discord with other members
  • To search for a Pokemon or to start a battle the user has to enter commands

So, these are some of the useful Discord Bots that you can use to improve and make your Discord server more efficient. Have you used any of these bots before.? Let me know in the comments section below.

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