How to Enable and Use Text-to-Speech On Discord

Discord is house to many communities relating to various activities like gaming, photography, science, writing, etc. People with similar tastes and passions connect under a single platform. They can communicate with each other via chat. To make things more convenient Discord offers the Text-to-speech feature. It allows you to transform a text phrase into a speakable form. In this guide, I will teach you how to enable and use this on any channel.

The concept of this feature is quite simple. First, you have to enable the text-to-speech on Discord. Then you have to give a certain command along with your message. As the message is sent, the recipient will listen to it as if you are speaking it out. However, it’s a bot who will read out the message. Now, let’s check out all the steps in detail.

How to Enable and Use Text-to-Speech On Discord

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How to Use Text-to-Speech On Discord

Here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • Launch the Discord app on your PC (Windows or mac whatever you use)
  • At the bottom left side, you should see a gear button. Click it to go to Settings
    go to Discord Settings
  • Again on the left-hand panel, click on Text and Images under App Settings.
    Click on Text and Images
  • Now, on the right-hand main screen, click on toggle beside Text-to-Speech to enable it
    enable text-to-speech feature on Discord
  • Go back to the App Settings section on the left-hand panel.
  • Click on Notifications > navigate to Text-to-speech notifications
  • Set how do you wish to receive the notifications.
    text-to-speech notification setup

There are 3 options to choose from. A robotic voice will notify your notifications on

  • all channels
  • on the current channel
  • or set it to Never. Then you won’t get any voice notification at all.

You can choose any option depending on your preference.

  • On your channel type “/tts” (without quotes) followed by your message. Hit enter to dispatch the message in the channel.
  • A bot will speak out your message.

So, that’s all about enabling and using the text-to-speech feature on Discord. If you are part of any server, do try this out and let me know if you had fun using it.

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