How to Share Your Screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile

Discord started its journey as a chat tool perfectly optimized for gaming. But since its launch nearly five years ago, it’s become something much more powerful in many ways. Discord can act as a complete replacement for apps like Skype, making it easy to chat place voice and video calls over the Internet. One of the coolest features Discord offers is screen sharing, and in this guide, we describe to you the process of how to share your screen on Discord desktop and mobile.

Discord has a big update that now lets you share your mobile screen on Discord at a high frame rate looks excellent. Now you could share your screen here on iOS or Android. Moreover, you can use the screen share feature on both Android and iOS platforms. As it works smoothly on Android, given that OS should be at least Android 7.0 lollipop and above. Moreover, the audio sharing on a screen share session has supported the device running on Android 8 and above.

How to Share Your Screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile

How to Share Your Screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile

Screen sharing rolled out to Discord more than a year ago, and it quickly became one of the best features on the amp Discord. Screen sharing allows you to share either your entire monitor or a specific application with up to nine other people in a video call without having to switch between settings.

On the fly, it’s easy to set up, but it does take a couple of steps before you’re ready to share. First, start head to your account settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your profile, select voice and video from the left side menu, and making sure both your webcam and microphone are set up properly.

As per Discord, this screen sharing feature is currently not working on iOS 12, but the good news is the devs of Discord are working to fix the feature in iOS and will be available soon.

How to screen share in the Discord app

  1. To share the screen on Discord desktop and mobile, you have to make a video or voice call from the app.
  2. Navigate to the private or group chat or channel of the server.
  3. Tap to initiate the call from the icons placed at the top right corner of the app.
  4. After the call began, you will see the Screen Share option on the call screen. Tap on the screen share option.
    How to Share Your Screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile
  5. After that, a pop-up will occur as information (Discord can also capture anything sensitive to the screen).
  6. Tap on the Start Now to share the screen to the device you want to connect.

How to stop screen share in the Discord app

  1. If you want to stop the screen sharing, then tap on Stop Sharing. It will automatically disconnect from the device that shares the information.
    How to Share Your Screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile
  2. The other way is you can tap on stop streaming from the on-call screen.
  3. Also, You can stop screen sharing from the notification panel by taping the Stop streaming option.


Finally, here are the steps for how to share the screen on Discord Desktop or mobile. The quality of video and audio is tremendous and without any lag or interruption. You can now watch your favourite gameplay or share the screen for anything you want to share with your friends. Please let us know your queries regarding the same in the comment box.

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