Elden Ring Save File And Config File Location

This is an absolutely magnificent work of art by Elden Ring. Despite not having played this kind of game before, I spent a lot of time grinding while playing action role-playing. This game is worth the money. It has some amazing graphics.

As of right now, I am playing on my Xbox series S with no issues at all. The frame rate is stable, and loading times are minimal. But, many users find it difficult to save files and config the file location of this game. That’s why I’m with this article as here I’ll tell you about how to find save files and config file location in Elden Ring. So, let’s get started with it and check out the necessary steps that you need to take.

Elden Ring Save File And Config File Location

Elden Ring Save Files Location

It is not very difficult to find out the Elden ring save file and config file location; you can do so just by going to the C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\[Folder with a 17-digit number]

This folder contains two files: ER0000.sl2 and ER0000.SI2.bak. It contains your Elden Ring save files. Meanwhile, if you cannot locate the AppData folder, follow the below steps.

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Elden Ring Config File Location

Now, if you fail to get the save file location, then using the above method, then try out this one as it will surely help you. So, simply go to the: C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\

How to Find the AppData Folder on PC

Do not worry if you are not able to locate your AppData folder! Follow these steps to locate it.

  1. Locate a folder on your computer (New or Existing).
  2. On the folder window’s top, click the View option.
  3. Scroll down to the Hidden Items setting.
  4. Select the box next to it.

Now go to C:\Users\Your username. You will see the AppData folder.

So, that’s it on how to find save files and config file location in Elden Ring. We hope that you find this article helpful. Meanwhile, in case you have any questions or suggestions for us, comment below and let us know. 

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