How To Fix Discord Packet Loss?

Discord packet loss is a common problem that millions have experienced over the years. I’m a Discord server administrator, and I’m an active user spending twelve hours a day in the Voice Channel. Yes, I have lots of players joining in and participating in the gaming conversations daily. We have to note down several points into the account since packet loss is associated with your internet connection and Discord itself.

How To Fix Discord Packet Loss?

Why is Discord has packet loss but nothing else?

It’s indisputable that your internet connection is working smoothly, and Discord is the one with packet loss problems. Microsoft offered $10 billion to acquire Discord from the founders because they have finished most of the job and have no hurdles.

However, Hammer & Chisel don’t have superior servers across the globe, and I witnessed server downtime from time to time. I stay connected in the Voice Channel for 12 hours a day, and I can tell you how to identify the problem.

  • Internet connection (Master Server)
  • Discord Server Downtime
  • Discord Region Server
  • Windows/Mac/Linux Bugs or Glitches
  • Application Settings
  • Software corruption
  • PC Threats

You have to become the needle mover, so follow the tutorial accordingly, and it is adjusted in an order.

Discord Server Status

I won’t ask you to troubleshoot the internet connection, and I want you to check the Discord server status. I’ve been here long enough to tell you that the servers face downtime, so you should check the server status.

1. Open browser.

2. Go to the Discord Status website.

3. The first section shows you the number of servers, and it’s status.

Discord Server Status (3)


4. You can check the API Response Time.

Discord Server Status (4)


5. There’s a brief history of the past incidents and an in-depth explanation of them.

Discord Server Status (5)

The VoIP platform doesn’t hide the current situation, and they don’t hesitate to show the stats in public. Nonetheless, you should wait patiently for a while, and it takes less than 24-hours to resolve the regional server issues.

Server Region

The server you have joined Voice Channel is hosted on a server that’s far away from your region. The latency exponentially increases if you have connected to a voice channel that is hosted on a server located in a different country. You can ask your server administrator to change the Voice Channel server region, and I have changed the server region numerous times in the past.

1. Open Discord.

2. Hover the mouse on the Voice Channel to reveal the gear icon and click on it.

Server Region (2)

3. Scroll down to the bottom to view more options.

Server Region (3)


4. Click under the “Region Override” option.

Server Region (4)

5. Choose a nearby country, and I always select Singapore.

Server Region (5)

6. Make sure the administrator has selected the correct region. Then click on “Save Changes”.

Server Region (6)

7. Changes saved.

Server Region (7)

You can ask the administrator to automate the server so Discord will choose the correct one every time. I applaud the VoIP platform team for adding such an advanced option for the Voice Channels, and you had to change the entire server region in the past. Now, you can switch to other country servers individually in each Voice Channel.

Disable Krisp in Discord

Noise suppression is a unique selling point of Discord, and it is extremely popular among players. The Krisp is a free add-on available for the users, and you can suppress the background noise. I play music in the background on a speaker while connected in the Voice Channel, yet none of the participants can listen to the loud music.

However, Krisp noise suppression does block your voice to some extent which is giving you an impression of packet loss. Many users assume that the VoIP software is suffering from packet loss when it’s the noise suppressor that is causing the problem.

1. Open Discord, then click on the gear icon located at the bottom.

Disable Krisp in Discord (1)

2. Click on “Voice & Video” to view more options.

Disable Krisp in Discord (2)

3. Click on the “Noise Suppression” button to disable it.

Disable Krisp in Discord (3)

4. Make sure “Noise Suppression” Krisp is disabled.

Disable Krisp in Discord (4)

You have successfully disabled Krisp in Windows machine, and it is available in macOS edition. Now, your voice will be heard and the dilemma of packet loss will go forever. Restart the Windows PC, and the new settings will take effect immediately.

Disable Realtek Noise Suppression

I had to speak loudly in the past, and I assumed that the microphone had hardware-level problems. I enabled two different noise suppression in the Windows gaming machine, which led my voice to be heard lesser compared to the others. You should disable either Krisp or Realtek Audio Console feature. Let me show you how to take control of the noise suppression features in Realtek.

1. Press Windows Key and open “Realtek Audio Console”.

Disable Realtek Noise Suppression (1)

2. Click on the “Microphone” in the Audio Console.

Disable Realtek Noise Suppression (2)

3. Deselect the “Noise Suppression” and “Acoustic Echo Cancellation” option.

Disable Realtek Noise Suppression (3)

4. Close the Audio Console and restart the machine.

Disable Realtek Noise Suppression (4)

Do not skip the Windows restarting part, and it is important to take the new changes to effect. Go back to Discord Voice Channel and find out whether this is working or not.

Enable Quality Service in Discord

Routers follow the orders coming from devices and connected components. You can allow Discord to send information that you want the program to receive high priority. Let us assume that you are planing Minecraft, and it is taking away most of the packets leaving little to nothing for other programs. The router will respond to the Discord request and transmit packets to the Voice Channel.

1. Open Discord, then click on the gear icon located at the bottom.

2. Click on “Voice & Video” to view more options.

3. Click on the “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” button to enable it.

Enable Quality Service in Discord (3)

4. Make sure it’s enabled in the program.

Enable Quality Service in Discord (4)

Close the program and restart the Windows machine for the software to accept the new changes. You should turn off the Wi-Fi router and modem for five minutes, so it can start responding to the packet priority hints. Many ISP (Internet Service Provider) has an advanced control panel in the office, and they can restrict it, so you should keep it in mind.

Stop Using Modified Discord Add-on

Stop Using Modified Discord Add-on

Gaming rig owners focus on spending money on the bling-bling products, so they can make the entire setup shine throughout the room. A desktop wallpaper is part of the game, and it has exceeded Discord. I know a lot of peers who have opted for modified versions of Discord so they can have fancy-looking interfaces.

Uninstall the Discord add-on causing the problem, and I don’t want to name any of them. Use an official edition from the developer, and it will ensure 100% stability throughout the session. Users have to make a choice and choose performance over fancy appearance.

Don’t Use Wi-Fi Dongle

Don’t Use Wi-Fi Dongle

Budget gaming build is a popular category in the marketplace, and the majority of the gaming rigs have entry-level components. Players who are tight on the budget go for entry-level motherboards, and they don’t come with inbuilt Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity.
I purchased a Wi-Fi dongle on Amazon for less than $10, and it is worth it for day-to-day usage. It is nowhere near the wired connection in terms of performance and bandwidth transfer rate. Contact the ISP and ask them to provide additional cable so you can connect gaming desktop or laptop directly to the internet.

Use Discord Web-Application

Discord is available on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows PC. I have connected to Voice Channels from the browser, and you can do the same if the packet loss doesn’t disappear despite applying the solutions.

1. Go to Discord’s official site and click on ”Log in” located at the top right corner.

2. Fill up the credentials, then click on “Login” to access the dashboard.

Use Discord Web-Application (2)

3. Complete Two-Factor Authentication, and I have enabled it in my account since I’m a server administrator.

Use Discord Web-Application (3)

4. Now, you can access the dashboard in Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera browser.

Use Discord Web-Application (4)

You don’t have to worry about the restrictions since the desktop-class browsers don’t have any limitations. It is a contributing reason why Chrome is RAM hungry because desktop operating systems don’t add any restrictions.

Bottom Line

Contact the ISP and ask them to remove the restrictions, which has happened to one of my peers. Many local ISPs have a control panel in the office, and they can add bandwidth restrictions from their end. You should talk with the customer care support team and give them a brief about your problem. Let us know how you solved Discord packet loss in the comment section below.

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