Fortnite players are experiencing matchmaking error player.queueing_failure.208

The Fortnite game seems to have some matchmaking related issues and it shows player.queueing_failure.208 error to the players while playing Payload or any knockout game. The issue has been reported by plenty of players from PC and Nintendo Switch. If you’re also getting the same error then you’re not alone here. Now, this issue is quite irritating as you won’t be able to enter into the battle royale matches.

The error message is something like “That wasn’t supposed to happen. We tried to put you in the matchmaking queue but something went wrong, please try again! player.queueing_failure.208“. Now, this error literally indicates the Epic game servers issue and not any issue from your end. Maybe the Epic game servers are facing downtimes or the maintenance process should be going on. That’s why we’re experiencing a particular error message.

Fortnite players are experiencing matchmaking error player.queueing_failure.208

Most importantly, it’s also worth mentioning that due to the COVID-19 lockdown, as the higher number of players are trying to launch and play the game, the Epic game servers are getting overloaded and that’s quite expected in this home quarantine period. So, either you have to wait for a few hours and try again or you can report it to the Epic Games support team for further assistance.

Currently Experiencing Matchmaking errors when queueing into Operation: Payload. Platform: PC from FortNiteBR

Additionally, make sure that you’ve restarted the game, checked your internet connection speed & stability, or repaired the game files from Epic Games launcher. As of now, you can do only these things as Epic Games haven’t mentioned any permanent fix yet.

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