How to Change CSC Code on any Samsung Galaxy device

CSC is the codes for the firmware based on a specific region or country. CSC is abbreviated as Country Specific Code which lets the user understand what all new features or enhancements is included in the firmware update specific to a country or region. In simpler terms, it lets you understand the firmware differences between a Samsung smartphone used in USA/Europe/Asia. This code is very important to be known to the user who is into advanced tweaking like root, flashing TWRP Recovery, etc so that, they can install the exact country-specific firmware for their device. In this post, we will share with you a guide on how to change the CSC Code on any Samsung Galaxy device.

Moreover, in this guide, we will see how to change the CSC Code on any Samsung device via two different methods. The first method includes changing the CSC code without wiping the data and the second method include changing the CSC code by unlocking the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy device. Also, to change the CSC, you will need to change some of the system files. The main reason or importance for changing the CSC code is that, once you have changed the CSC code of your Samsung Galaxy device then, you can trick the Samsung servers to get updates which are rolled out in different regions. Also, you need to have root access for the first method if you do not want to wipe off your storage data on your device.

So, without any further ado let us get straight into the article itself and understand the two methods on how to change CSC Code on any Samsung Galaxy device;

As already mentioned in the above paragraph that we will show you two methods on how you can change the CSC Code on any Samsung Galaxy device. Below are methods for changing the CSC code;

How to Change CSC Code on any Samsung Galaxy device

Here we have shared two methods to change the CSC code on your Samsung Galaxy devices. With the launch of Galaxy S10 series, Samsung seems to have changed the rules, making it more difficult to change the original CSC. For S10, we have to use the second method.

Method 1: Without Wiping the Data

Before we go on with this method on how to change the CSC Code on Samsung Galaxy device without wiping the data here is the list of some important things that you have to keep in mind;


  • You need to have a rooted Samsung Galaxy device. as you will need to edit some of the system files.
  • Make sure to backup all the data of your internal memory before heading with the process.
  • Charge your device to at least 60% or more.

Steps to Change CSC Code on your Samsung Galaxy device

  1. Firstly, install a root explorer on your Samsung device. A root explorer is required in order to edit the system files. We recommend you install the File Explorer Root Browser app from the Google Play Store; [googleplay url=””]
  2. Now, you need to install another application that will tell you the information related to the current CSC code of your Samsung Galaxy device;[googleplay url=””]
  3. Once both the applications are installed on your Samsung device, open the Samsung info application and you will see some information related to the CSC you have on your device.
  4. Then, open the Root Explorer application you have downloaded and mount system as RW (read-write). You will be asked to grant SuperSU permissions, go ahead and grant the permission.
  5. Now, navigate in the file explorer to /efs/imei/  and open the mps_code.dat file in a text editor. (make sure to take a backup of the system file first)
  6. You need to change the text in the mps_code.dat file to the CSC of your device and save it.
  7. Then, navigate to /system/CSC folder and search for the CSCs that are available for your device. (you will see folders like BTU, DBT, etc)
  8. Copy the content of your choice of CSC and paste it in /system/CSC (for example, copy DBT/system/CSC to system/CSC.
  9. When you in the /system/CSC, make sure all the permissions are correct and set to 644 (rw-r-r-).
  10. Now, reboot your Samsung Galaxy device. (sometimes it might take a bit longer so, wait!)
  11. Open the Samsung Info application and check that you will now have changed CSC code for your device.

That’s it! You have successfully changed the CSC Code of your Samsung Galaxy device without wiping off the data. Note that as already mentioned, you need to have root access on your device to go ahead with the above method. Moreover, now you can grab the firmware update if a new update is rolled out for a different region other than yours.

Method 2: Unlocked Bootloader Method

This method requires that you have an unlocked bootloader. Note that unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty of your device. Also, this method will wipe off the data on your device. SO, make sure to take a complete backup of your data before going ahead with this process. Another important thing to note is that it will void Knox Security as well. One of the most important things is that the new Samsung Galaxy S-series of smartphones, especially the S10 series have altered some of their rules and now it is a bit difficult to change the original CSC.

Steps to Change CSC Code on your Samsung Galaxy device

  1. Make sure that you have unlocked the bootloader of your device.
  2. Now, flash the TWRP Recovery on your device.
  3. Flash a custom ROM on your device.
  4. You need to root the mps_code.dat file which you will find in the /efs/imei/ to the CSC you like.
  5. Once the above step is done, relock the bootloader.
  6. Now, you need to re-flash the stock ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Device.
  7. That’s it! You have changed the CSC code of the Samsung device.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. Hope you have followed the above two methods and were able to change the CSC code by using either of the two methods. Let us know in the comments if you faced any difficulties while following any of the above-mentioned steps. Until the next post…Cheers!


  1. It will be ironical if voiding the warranty on S10 will also void the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, the security feature disabled in my region…

  2. The 2nd method didn’t work. I changed the file to XAA.
    I have exynos SM-930F S7. I’m in the US. Per your method, you said to relock after you change the file. You can’t OEM lock when your rooted.
    You can turn off Developer options, which I did.
    I think the biggest problem is I don’t know what software to use because I’m in the US with a Exynos S7.

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