Pokemon Go Friend Codes List | July 2021

Did you join the Pokemon Go fifth anniversary party? If no, then go and join it. This event is basically focused on the Pokemon franchise’s iconic starter, Pokemons. Developers did a tremendous job of bringing back the interest of gamers in Pokemon Go. In this event, you as a trainer need to look for friends to recruit and trade with. However, most of the gamers don’t know about the available friend codes list for July 2021, which is specially made for this auspicious anniversary event.

So, if you don’t know about that code or how to find friends on Twitter, don’t feel off guard, as in this article, we will describe the same. So, tighten your seat belt because you are going to jump deeper into this.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List | July 2021

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List | July 2021

If you really want friends on Pokemon Go, don’t feel like a sidekick as we have got some friend code with us that you can add to your friend list. Here is some code that you can use: 

Friend Codes List

  1. 3878 5246 6076
  2. 8588 2772 1883
  3. 1696 7122 2880
  4. 2343 5160 0147
  5. 0907 9180 8564
  6. 3403 3995 5276
  7. 6855 7439 5478
  8. 8777 5649 9447
  9. 5592 0086 9861
  10. 0901 3420 0536
  11. 0309 3581 3706
  12. 0612 7865 0507
  13. 6977 4854 3777
  14. 5532 7601 9797
  15. 0523 1765 7725
  16. 4333 1333 4839
  17. 7852 2373 6516
  18. 9716 4638 1021
  19. 6098 7699 9247
  20. 5114 3314 7859

There are many more that you can use, but I think having too much bulk in your friend list might be causing you a little bit confused. You can use the code and add them so that you can trade, swap gifts, and even participate in the ongoing elusive Deoxys raids. However, if you need more code, then there’s more trick to get the friend codes. Many trainers have already shared their code in their respective social media platform, so you can hover over you favorite gamer social media handle and check if they share their code. If so, then add them immediately. 


There is an easier way to get friends’ code without sharing yours. You can use Twitter to find a deluge of rated friends. Also, typing Let’s be Friends in Pokemon Go will help you to get the friend codes. However, if you have already performed these tricks yet want more friends, let’s say you want a local friend. Then, Facebook might be your next destination as you will get in touch with your local ones to share their friend codes.

Meanwhile, you might be already familiar with the fact that on Facebook, there are many grassroots Pokemon Go groups where you can easily get many friend codes. However, everyone wants to get friend codes at this time, so many people are constantly posting their codes to invite others into the party. So now, once you’ve successfully got your friend codes, then gear up for July’s Limelight hours. 

So, that’s it for now for this article. If we got any updates regarding this topic in the future, we’d keep updating this guide. We hope you get some information from this guide. Meanwhile, if you have any related queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Also, if you are new here, don’t forget to check out our other latest gaming guides.


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