My Vizio Smart TV Won’t power on / Will not turn on / No power: How to Fix?

Are you too facing the issue where your My Vizio Smart TV won’t power on / will not turn on / no power: How to Fix? Any electronic device can have power problems. These can be caused by component failure inside the TV, power surges, or wiring problems in your home. Follow the below guide to fix when Vizio Smart TV won’t power on / will not turn on / no power.

Power problems might require service or replacing parts inside the TV. Before you try to use your warranty service or pay to have the TV repaired, you can use several quick methods to get your TV working. These steps are quick and require no tools.

Fix: Vizio Smart TV won’t power on / will not turn on / no power

Remote Control Issues

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If you’re trying to turn the TV on with your remote, then your remote control may be the reason why your Vizio TV won’t turn on. Try replacing your remote’s batteries with a fresh set and then attempt to turn the TV on again. If it still doesn’t work, turn the TV on by pressing the power button on the TV itself. If this works, then you know that your remote control has died. You can purchase a universal remote control to replace it.

Wrong Input Selection

The Vizio TV comes with several different inputs, including HDMI, cable, component and AV. Your Vizio may display a blank screen if you’ve selected the wrong input on your TV. Press the “Input” button on your remote or on the TV itself to select the correct input for what you’re attempting to watch. Typically, this will be the HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 input if you’re trying to watch standard TV or play a video game console such as the Xbox or PlayStation.

Power Issues

The first thing you’ll want to do is see if pressing the Menu button is yielding any results. The button can be found both on the remote and the TV itself, so try pressing both buttons to see if the menu will pop up.

If it does, then there’s power in your TV and the source might be an issue. Make sure that your TV is fully plugged into a power source before trying to turn it on again.

Power Cycle Vizio TV

If you suspect that you might be having power-related issues, the first solution you can try it power cycling your Vizio TV.

Power cycling can solve more issues than you might think. More often than not, doing this will resolve an issue that you’re facing with your TV.

The process of power cycling your Vizio TV is very simple and goes like this:

  • Unplug the cord of your TV from the outlet and leave it disconnected.
  • Locate the power button on your TV. As we said, you’ll usually find it on the bottom left or right side.
  • Press and hold the button on your TV for around 10 seconds.
  • Try turning on your TV again.

This is likely to work in many cases and you should be able to turn on your TV properly. If it doesn’t work the first time, try It again making sure to hold the button down for at least 10 seconds. Often, this will be enough to fix your TV so that you can get back to relaxing.

Check Power Cord

Check Power Cord

The thing that can often prevent your TV from turning on properly is a loose cord. A loose power cord sometimes causes problems for even the most technically savvy among us.

To make sure that the cord fits well, you need to check its connection to both the power outlet and the TV itself, making sure both connections are completely plugged in. Even a slightly loose power cord connection can interrupt the flow of electricity to your TV, and it’s not always obvious that your TV is unplugged from its power source.

Contact Support

If the error still exists, you must contact support for further help. On the other hand, if you have come across a different solution other than those we’ve mentioned here, let us know in the comments below and you could help others who are experiencing the same issue.

If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below.


  1. Thank you! April 2022. Vizio tv about 5 yrs old. Power on prob. I was ready to fight it. I unplugged it and held down the on button for 10 secs. Plugd back in and turned right on qith the remote.

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