Fix: Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Halo Infinite

With a huge userbase of the Halo franchise, many users have been eagerly waiting for the Halo Infinite for a long time, and as the PC version is released too, it will boost gamers’ experience around the world. Moreover, after the release of the beta version of Halo Infinite many gamers are playing it on various platforms.

However, PC users are playing the game in Discord, and after the release, it is also surrounded by issues. The game issue is maybe fixed soon through the Update, but the main concern is with the Discord users. For some users, Discord is doesn’t work while playing Halo Infinite. Here are several methods that can fix the discord issue with easy steps.

Fix Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Halo Infinite

Fix: Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Halo Infinite

Discord provides great features, especially whenever you are playing with your friend, and the battle royal games need communication with your teammate to discuss your strategy. But if the Discord is not working properly, it may spoil your mood to play the game.

Method 1: Disable Chat

The Halo Infinite has its own Voice Chat process to communicate with your teammates and its no need for any external chat service like Discord. But sometimes, the Halo infinite voice chat is creating an issue as it connects with the Halo’s network, and the game is on the Beta version due to unstable network and other issues. Also, Due to issues, sometimes the voice is not clear, and no voice output and input from the headset.

However, you can’t use the Discord voice while using the Halo infinite game’s own voice chat services. If the Halo voice chat enables, it won’t let you hear other players’ voices and enhance the in-game audio. To fix the issue, disable the voice chat of Halo infinite game from the game settings and check if the voice chat is working on Discord or not.

Method 2: Change in-game Voice Chat

If you won’t want to change the in-game voice chat, apply the below audio settings.

  • Press the Esc button to pause the game and go to the settings option from the left side bottom.
  • The window selects the Audio and navigates to the Communication section in the settings.
  • Check once the Voice chat input device is selected correctly.
    Fix Discord Doesn’t Work While Playing Halo Infinite
  • After that, check if the Voice chat mode is Enabled or Disabled.
  • Then click on the drop-down menu of Voice chat mode and select push to talk/toggle.

Method 3: Enable Overlay on Discord

The Discord overlay is by default disabled while playing the Halo infinite game. Due to disabling of overlay, Discord on the Halo game may interrupt the Discord features, and the Discord may not work properly on the Halo Infinite game. Enable the overlay feature from the Discord settings to use its features.

  • Click on the User’s settings and go to the Game Activity section.
  • In the Game Activity Window, you will find all of the games you play.
  • Search and click on the Halo Infinite game icon and enable the Discord game Overlay option.
  • Restart the Discord to apply the modification and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 4: Modify Screen Scaling in Discord

Sometimes, the display settings also play an important role in using some Discord features. For example, if the display settings are under 100% of the screen scale, the discord might not work in Halo Infinite. To change the screen scale to 100%, go to the display settings and click on the 100% scale to enable the full-screen display of the Halo Infinite game.

We hope these methods will work for you to fix the Discord issue. If you have any other suggestions to fix the problem, let us know in the comment box.

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