Why I Keep Getting Same Instagram Stories? How to Stop Repeated Stories?

One of the annoying problems being faced by Instagram users is the same posts and Stories being repeated over and over again in one’s news feed. For some reason, despite the widespread nature of this glitch, Instagram has never officially said anything about it so far.

Fortunately, this problem will not persist for long. Your feed will start working perfectly fine in a few hours at most. But still, it is important to know the underlying reasons behind this issue.

We are listing the most likely causes for the same in our guide below.

Why I Keep Getting Same Instagram Stories? How to Stop Repeated Stories?

An abysmally slow internet connection

Following celebrities and going through their family and friends’ latest photo updates on Instagram every morning (and afternoon, evening, and night, for that matter) has almost become second nature for people in contemporary times. Unfortunately, the popular social networking site is not immune to technical issues and bugs.

The first thing you should do when you experience Instagram Stories and posts repeating in your news feed is to check your internet connection. Sometimes, your WiFi connection goes weak despite being connected, or your cellular connection falters unexpectedly. These kinds of internet issues are responsible for a whole lot of trouble on Instagram. You could try rebooting your router or contacting your ISP for help in this regard.

Your Instagram app is out of date

The developers tend to keep updating Instagram every two months or so, with upgraded features and bug fixes. If your Instagram starts acting weirdly all of a sudden, it often means that you need to update it. The issues generally get resolved after you do that. It could be the same as the problem of repeating Stories and posts on Instagram. Go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and update the Instagram app. Hopefully, this will fix the issue for you.

Instagram’s servers are down

This is another problem that occurs occasionally. Just last year, there were a number of complaints from users on other social networking sites regarding repeating Stories on Instagram. Soon afterward, they all discovered that a large number of people all across the globe were experiencing this issue on a large scale. Instagram went down for a day, with officials only citing networking problems. It resulted in widespread anger from users as well.

It is possible that Instagram is experiencing similar issues on a smaller scale once again if you are experiencing this issue. Therefore, you could try confirming with your friends if they are facing the same problem.

Instagram keeps showing me Stories of the Same Person over and over again. Why is this so?

This is another widespread issue a number of Instagram users tend to face. Sometimes, you are shown a particular person’s Stories every day while other contacts’ Stories never turn up in our feed at all. The people whose stories you are shown are generally the contacts you interact with most frequently. However, on occasion, you keep getting Stories of people you are not interested in. The logic behind this is that Instagram’s algorithm tends to prefer users based on their activity. It tends to show the Stories of people who post more Stories as well. In case none of the people you follow are too active, it will show the posts of the comparatively most active among them. It’s quite straightforward, really.

The only solution is to Hide these people’s stories so that they do not flood your feed. You can visit their profile, click on “Following” and select “Mute.” You can choose to mute either their Stories or posts or both. Just to clarify, they will not be notified that you have muted them.

It is important to mention that the mechanism of functioning behind Instagram’s algorithm is still not very clear. Hence, it is best to be patient when faced with such issues. It is likely that the developers are aware and are working hard to rectify it.

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