Fix: Paramount Plus Audio and Video is Out of Sync

Paramount Plus offers a lot of original content, be it Big Brother, Spongebob Squarepants, CSI Miami, or The Last Airbender, to name a few. It is an uber-popular video streaming service that has only grown over the years, and its library is continually adding new shows and movies as we go forward. However, some users have reported issues, such as the Paramount Plus audio and video being out of sync.

If you use Roku, you might have seen this issue to a greater extent although other streaming devices are facing similar issues too. Here’s more about the issue and how you can fix it.

Fix: Paramount Plus Audio and Video is Out of Sync

Paramount Plus Audio and Video is Out of Sync

A Roku user stated that when watching live TV on Paramount Plus, the video lags behind the audio. This means the video is delayed relative to audio albeit it started with audio and video in sync. Another user stated that when using Live TV, the video lags by 5-20 seconds on Roku which is annoying.

Users have tried multiple workarounds but to no avail. These issues updating the system, reinstalling the Paramount Plus app on Roku (and other streaming devices) but the problem still exists. Here’s a round-up of some of the troubleshooting methods that you can use to fix the Paramount Plus audio and video out of sync issue so let’s check it out there.

Paramount Plus issue

Restart the app

Paramount Plus lets you stream great content on all compatible streaming devices and smart TVs. However, since there’s an audio and video out-of-sync issue on Paramount Plus, it could be as simple as a temporary glitch. There’s no rocket science involved in fixing a temporary glitch because most of the time, a simple app restart can do wonders.

Close the app, it’s better to give your streaming device a quick restart and then, restart the app. This should help you verify the source of the issue as it could be the Paramount Plus app or the software your streaming device uses.

Verify Server Outages

Paramount Plus Server Outage Status

Yep, server outages can introduce a number of problems and here, the audio and video being out of sync are just one of the many issues that you would face. You can check out Paramount Plus Server Status that updated information on whether the app is facing an outage or not. If there are no reports as such and you are still facing the issue, it’s time to contact that should be able to help you.

Restart the device

If you have read the first troubleshooting strategy that I mentioned above, somewhere it says that you should restart the streaming device. I had to mention it again so that you don’t actually miss doing this as it can fix a lot of issues that you might not even comprehend. Also, it’s not just a quick reboot but you need to unplug the power source from your streaming device and keep it idle for a few seconds before reconnecting it.

This should help a subset of users fix the problem so let us know in the comments if this method actually worked or not.

Sign Out and Sign In

Temporary glitches on apps aren’t anything out of this world. You will end up in bugs or glitches at some point in time. Here, you are actually facing issues as the audio and video are out of sync which is something that will ruin your viewing experience. Turns out signing out of the account and signing back in can fix the issue.

  • Open Paramount Plus app.
  • Proceed to your profile on the top-left corner and tap on it to find options.
  • Select “Sign Out”.


  • You can go to More Options >> Account >> Sign Out.

Check whether other apps are working

You need to make sure that it’s just the Paramount Plus or all the apps installed on your streaming device are facing this kind of issue. Open any other app such as Netflix or Disney+, check whether the audio or video is lagging or if it is on-point and works totally fine.

If you see the same problem on all the apps, it has to do something on your end. It could be anything from outdated apps or software or the connections between the streaming device and the TV are not apt.

Note that if the problem is localized to Paramount Plus only (which in most cases is true since the Live TV feature is facing this issue), you will have to contact the Paramount Plus support team for help.

Secure all connections

It’s important to check whether all the connections from the power source to the TV and the streaming device (if any) and external speakers and any other device is secure or not. This ensures that both audio and video feed is on-point. Also, since Paramount Plus requires internet access, you could be using Ethernet or WiFi; in both cases, you must also check those connections. This will help you find the root cause of the issue.

Update the app

When it comes to apps, you must make sure you have all the apps on your device updated. It goes without saying, outdated apps can cause issues. Since you are facing audio or video sync issues with Paramount Plus, it could be because the app has gone outdated. To counter it, you can update the app and check whether this makes any difference or not.

Update the firmware of the streaming device

Doesn’t matter if you are using a Smart TV with Paramount Plus pre-installed or otherwise or you are using a streaming device like Amazon FireStick TV or Roku, you need to make sure that the software running these systems is updated. This is because outdated firmware can easily introduce bugs and cause problems such as the Paramount Plus audio and video not being in sync. Hope this fixes the problem for you.

Clear Cache

You cannot forget about the cache whatsoever. It follows you everywhere and creates issues if it gets corrupted. You need to make sure that both the Paramount Plus app and the system are free from the cache in order to get over this part of the problem. If it doesn’t work, you at least sped up the system’s performance a bit which is great.

Contact Paramount Plus Support

Paramount Customer Support Team

Apparently, if the problem is localized to Paramount Plus only, you need to reach out to the support team to seek help. According to a statement by Roku, since the problem is localized to Paramount+, the developers should be on the lookout to fix the issue since everything is operational on Roku’s end. This rule applies for all the streaming devices out there that you are using Paramount Plus so do remember it.


  1. How do I fix the audio fallout on Paramount plus? CBS shows keep having audio fallout? My TV apps are all updated. I have a Vizio soundbar connected. This is the only app that fade in and out.

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